Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vinny DeSantis - If Only Life Could Be This Good

This week is going by far too fast for my taste. Next week I'll be back on Long Island, slaving away at a job I hate for a boss which I go to bed every night praying dies in a fire. It's too depressing to even think about.

So I won't! Last night I got a look at all the free stuff you get for finishing the ATWI80B challenge. There's a t-shirt, a beer mug, some gift certificates, lots of good junk. First beer I had yesterday was a nice dark stout from Finland. I want to move to Finland. At the very least, I want to hit up the booth where I got that beer. It's like being in heaven, because I guarantee that God himself brews that beer, or maybe just drinks it.

This inn is not too bad. As expected, it's definitely a lot better than the Marriott. Some of the guys have been a little loud coming from and going to the festival. But that's just the way I like it. It's not like I have been having a hard time sleeping or anything. Haven't really gotten to know any of these guys, I think I recall meeting a guy named Jeff or something, but I was pretty wasted when I was talking to him.

I wasn't too drunk to remember the chick I banged last night. Cute little brunette who was clearly at her very first beer festival, if only because she's got to be no older than 21. She was a screamer - I love screamers.

Time for more beer. I'm going to have an extra ten pounds on me by the time I get back just from all of the liquid good. Whatever.

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