Monday, February 15, 2010

Greg/Priya: Worst Valentines Day ever

So its been forever and a day since I updated you on my life, but to get to the really important hanging question: Yes, I did get my reservation at the inn. Its the last weekend in June, not only giving me enough time to get back from Maine for my wedding, but it gives Priya enough time to get back to herself in time to be the maid of honor. It really put me in a good mood for about two weeks. Didnt feel the need to blog, since I only do that when something big happens or I feel sad, depressed, or lonely, which brings me to this late night valentines entry.

I did not go out on a date tonight, in fact I lied to Amber and told her I DID have a date so that she wouldnt set me up with one of her friends. Shes always trying to do that, I think its because women in couples want their friends to be in couples so that they can do couples things together. I actually stayed in hung out with Simone tonight. But just because I didnt have a date this Valentines doesnt mean I didnt put in a ton of work for it.

It all started last saturday, when I was at the mall with Amber. We were at Victoria's Secret, which has become one of my favorite stores. Not because I like buying frilly girly underwear, but because I get to help Amber do so. And since I dont ever get to have intimate moments with her anymore, seeing her try on sexy lingerie is about as close as I get. Anyway, this particular day we were chatting as seh tried on some complicated thing that was all lace and fishnets and she remarked to me that "She hoped this would light a spark between her and Greg"

I asked her to go on and she said that she and Dee had been having sex pretty infrequently lately, like once every two weeks, and even then he doesnt seem interested in it. This surprised me, but when you think about it, Dee is a straight woman on the inside, and I imagine things for her right now are like it was for Todd the first few months. The idea of having sex with another woman is probably still weird to her, and even though I know that she HAD done it in, I guess she didnt really like it.

After I got home from the mall, I started thinking. While I wasnt really comfortable with the idea of Dee having sex with Amber at first, I had grown to accept it. After all, as far as Amber was concerned, it was me, so it wasnt cheating. Now I faced the prospect of getting back to my life in July and being in a major rut, which is very hard to pull out of. I love Amber with all my heart, but I dont want to be in a sexless marriage with her. I was gonna have to make sure Dee did it right on Valentines day, and that she would take care of Amber, both physically and emotionally, for the rest of her stay in my body.

I called up Dee and asked her what she had planned, and she told me she hadnt really thought about it. This boggled my mind, since she, as a former girl, should know just how important Valentines Day is to them. Of course, she probably never had to set up the date, and she WAS divorced so she couldntve had THAT may great Valentine's Days, but I digress.

For the last week I've been coaching her. I had her get a reservation at Ambers favorite restaurant, which wasnt hard because its this little hole in the wall Italian Place that barely anyone knows about, so It actually had Valentines reservations. I also took her to the store to help pick out a piece of jewelry she like, its a gold bracelet with roses engraved into it. I also gave him tips on her favorite wine, favorite music, favorite cologne, and anything else I could think of to ensure that he would get laid.

And if all went according to plan, thats just what hes doing now. Me, in the meantime, I just got done with a pretty fun night. Simone is the coworker that went on the snowboarding trip with us, the also single one. Turns out she and I have a lot in common, which surprised her since shes known Priya for a few years. Im gonna make sure Priya trys to stay friends with her after we go back to normal.

Anyway, Simone fills a need in my life. A best friend sorta need. Something that if I were the real Priya, Amber would fulfill. But I cant look at Amber as just a friend, so it kinda makes it difficult for me be around her in that capacity. Simone is just like me insomuch as that shes single and enjoys it. Shes in no hurry to settle down and would rather hang out with her friends than search for a soulmate.

So we went to a movie. She wanted to see "Valentine's Day" but I told her that It would be too crowded and cliched. Also because it looks like it sucks something awful. Theres no way you can have a cast that prolific without the story getting too cluttered. We saw "When in Rome" instead, because I like Kristen Bell from her Veronica Mars days. It turned out to be a chick flick, but at least a well acted out chick flick.

Afterwards we went back to my place and ate Ice Cream. Cliche I know, but all my yoga and dieting has gotten me to 3 pounds less than what Priya weighed when I became her, so i deserve a little treat now and then, especially on a night like tonight.

As we ate our ice cream we watched "The Wedding Planner" and as well as being a reminder of weddings and being engaged and happiness and all the things im missing about my old life, it is also a terrible movie. Jennifer Lopez is not fun to watch when I dont have a penis. This is becoming one of the more difficult things for me. I can handle being a girl, I can handle pretending to be a teacher, I can handle being Indian, but so help me I CANNOT take pretending to like these movies.

Anyway, Simone had wine with her ice cream, which while gross also knocked her out cold, so shes sleeping on my couch right now, leaving me alert and in a contemplative mood. Hence the marathon blog post on this lover's night, even though the only lover Ill have is in Priya's top drawer

Hope everyone elses went better than mine


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