Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tyler/Lauren: Space issues

I already kind of didn't like the holidays, but being dragged through them in Lauren's body has been a nightmare. I finally had a break from school, figuring I'd get some time to myself, but no. Friends start making plans to hang out, family drags you around, you start PMSing hard on Christmas Eve, and before you know it it's the week after New Year's and you're back in school. Not to mention all the homework assignments I had due and the massive amount of personal drama I put myself through.

Lauren's laptop broke not long before Christmas, which didn't help matters, and I didn't want to post here on the family PC for some reason. As much as I use the laptop for schoolwork, Paul and Sue consider it a luxury so getting it fixed wasn't on the top of their priorities with all the Xmas expenses - and the rest of their cash tied up in another little project: Finishing the basement.

And you'd think "Oh, Ty, you suggested that months ago, so you could move down there. Sounds great!" It would be, if that was the case but it's not. Just after Thanksgiving Paul revealed he was going to finish the basement so he could rent it out - to Phil, who wants to save some money by not living on campus this semester. Paul's even giving the guy a job at the chicken place.

Phil isn't, like, a monster or anything. He's someone I'd rather not see because he obviously has the hots for me and isn't shy about pursuing it (the whole step-cousin thing isn't an obstacle for him, apparently.) With Mark still occasionally buzzing around, the last thing I need is another male giving me that kind of attention. And since he's all moved in but the basement doesn't have its own bathroom yet, it just underlines the issues I have with sharing such a confined space with so many people (Seriously, every time I have to go someone's already in there. And in Lauren's body, I have to go a lot.)

I have talked to Meg about the possibilities of moving in with her. Neither of us is wild about the idea - explaining to Paul and Sue that I'd rather live with my stepsister and her boyfriend seems like a good way to replay the drama when I suggested taking a year off school. And it's not like they have space for me anyway, I'd basically be crashing on their couch. As nice as it would be for Meg and I to be under the same roof to lean on each other as secret-keepers, it has enough hitches to make it unappealing (to say nothing of the burning in the pit of my stomach whenever I see her and Wade getting affectionate.)

I've thought about approaching some of Lauren's other friends, but I don't want to be a burden, and I don't want to have to explain it, and there's part of me that feels like Lauren is so on the outs with her family that deliberately removing her from their house would just make her more estranged when she gets back.

I get really sad when I look at some of the clothes I can't wear anymore because I put on fifteen pounds or so, and how I'm already not returning Lauren's life in mint condition. It doesn't matter to me, but I know it's different for Lauren.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Jordan/"Deirdre": Anyone seen Annette this morning?

It's probably nothing, but Kareena called this morning saying that she lost track of "Ravi" at the party last night and he hasn't been answering his phone. Benny said he/she never came home, and now he's gone off with Kareena to look for him/her.

Again, it's probably nothing. Kareena said he was drinking a lot, and while Annette may occasionally overdo it - as much as she looks like someone in his mid-twenties, she is still a kid away from home for the first time underneath - what seems like overdoing it to her is something her body can currently absorb. And despite being young, she's pretty together.

But, hey, if she decided to get on a train or plane last night and visit one of the other Inn people, could you guys have her to call? The roommates are worried.