Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Greg/Didi: The Home Strech

Right, so its been something ridiculous like 8 months since I updated you on my saga, but since then there hasnt been much to update on. Im still in the body of Dolores Henderson. Im still in Oxford, Mississippi working a desk job in a college administration. Im still pretty bitter about what happened to me. The major blog-worthy change in my life, is that Ive got a reservation at the Trading Post Inn.

To be honest Id given a lot of thought as to whether or not I wanted to become a "Traveler" like Fletcher or whether I would just not tempt fate once again and live out my days in this body, but by January it became quite clear that I wasnt going to stick around.

The most glaring difference is the age progression? Youve heard the expressiong "Youre only as old as you feel?" well I feel ancient. Dee did NOT take care of herself and as a result I get up every morning feeling constant aches in my back and neck as well as all of my joints. It might have something to do with the nicotine cravings but probably a lot more to do with the terrible shape I'm in.

Dont get me wrong, Ive tried to exercise and diet, but when a woman gets to be my age, her metabolism slows way down. Combine that with Dee's genetics and you get almost no results. Its frustrating as hell to spend two weeks eating salad and going to the gym being laughed at in your sweatsuit only to find that you havent lost a single pound. At some point you just think to yourself "Its not worth it, I'm leaving this body anyway" and eat a hamburger.

Another thing that I hate about being her is the loneliness. I'm a recent divorcee who lives in a house all by herself. Dee's son doesnt seem to like her or get along with her either. Its not an actively angry relationship, in fact its rather cold. Like "oh yeah youre my mom". In a way thats worse. Ive spoken to him once, and that was arounnd Christmas when he told me that he was going on a trip with his friends. It wasnt a big deal when I hung up, because I dont even know the guy, but when Christmas morning rolled around and I was alone, I started sobbing. It really hits you how much you lost on holidays, because all your memories are attached to those days. I thought of my childhood, of Amber, even last year when I didnt even celebrate Christmas because I was Hindu was better because at least I had my friends in Chicago. It was that post holiday depression that caused me to pick up the phone and call the Trading Post Inn.

I didnt call on the first day, or even the first week. I waited until the end of January. My reasoning for this is because people would be trying to get back to their rightful bodies. I didnt want to mess up anyones "swap chain" so I waited until I thought most people wouldve had that set up before I called. My goal is to get the body of some unknowing tourist, keep it safe for them, and give it back the next year.

So I made my reservation starting June 19th. Since then Ive pretty much checked out mentally, sometimes not even bothering to pretend to be Dee. Lately ive been more talkative and as the day approaches I get less and less stressed out. Ill probably post more in the coming weeks



Anonymous said...

Good for you! It will be an interesting new experience, and I hope you'll keep us all clued in....

Anonymous said...

Heading back to the Inn tomorrow? Keep us updated, hoping for the best with your next swap.