Thursday, January 01, 2015

Jordan/"Deirdre": Anyone seen Annette this morning?

It's probably nothing, but Kareena called this morning saying that she lost track of "Ravi" at the party last night and he hasn't been answering his phone. Benny said he/she never came home, and now he's gone off with Kareena to look for him/her.

Again, it's probably nothing. Kareena said he was drinking a lot, and while Annette may occasionally overdo it - as much as she looks like someone in his mid-twenties, she is still a kid away from home for the first time underneath - what seems like overdoing it to her is something her body can currently absorb. And despite being young, she's pretty together.

But, hey, if she decided to get on a train or plane last night and visit one of the other Inn people, could you guys have her to call? The roommates are worried.


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