Thursday, November 19, 2009

Greg/Priya: Flexibility

So back when I was in school, there was always one kid in the class who was the teachers pet. One kid that would kiss the teachers butt and theyd love him for it. It used to bother me so when I involuntarily became I teacher I promised I wouldnt play favorites. This has proven hard for me, not becuase I dislike some of my students, but becuase one little guy in particular is just so awesome.

His name is Lloyd. Yes, Lloyd. Not a common moniker these days with all the emilys and madisons and jacobs and bellas and edwards. Its actually Lloyd IV, according to his official transcript (which is funny, because hes a kindergartner). I guess after 3 Lloyds a 4th one is inevitable. This kid is a real go getter. He loves school and is an absolute joy to teach, if you can say thats what he does. A lot of the stuff he just already knows, must have good parents. He actually works with his classmates to help them out. Hes funny, bright, helpful, and on Monday he was inspirational.

It was after Lunch and almost naptime (which, by the way, if they had in every grade youd have a much lower dropout rate in this country) and I was getting the nap mats out and lining them up. Well one mat was rolled up and wouldnt stay down, the corner would keep sticking up. So I was on it trying to hold it down when Lloyd comes up to me and says "Namaste, Ms. Priya" to which I turn around and say "Excuse me"

"Namaste" he replied "Its what they say in Yoga. You looked like you were doing Yoga on that mat. Its Indian, just like you."

Now, if thats not well read, its intuitive. Because I dont think Ive ever actually told the Kids that I was Indian because I didnt think it mattered. But Lloyd gave me a great idea.

Because for the past week, I havent rode my bike at all. If youve ever been to Chicago in November, the cold and the wind chill make it tough to go outside, let alone propel yourself into it on a bike. But ive been starting to lose progress on my weight loss so I needed a new form of exercise and Lloyd gave me the idea: Yoga. Its indoors, it doesnt take long, and its really good for you. And there was a Yoga studio by my apartment. I signed up for a beginner class 3 days a week for one hour.

Yesterday was my first session. There were about 9 other people, 8 of them girls. This seemed like it would be much better than the gym. The instructors name was Wes, and I liked him immediately because he was able to say my name correctly without hearin it first (Its PREE-YA not PRY-AH)

We started off with basic stretches. Wes would do them first and wed imitate him. Turns out, Im AWESOME at Yoga. I was able to go down much farther than most of the class and had not trouble at all. I later found out is because the real Priya had been doing yoga since she was 12 and her body was extremely flexible from it, even after 4 months of not doing it. The only thing I had trouble with was technique and Wes helped me out with that, he was very "hands on" meaning he would move my legs or arms into the correct position. The weird thing is, I kinda liked it.

After class he came up to me and told me I was a natural at yoga and he hoped Id stick with it. He then asked me what part of India my family was from, I told him I wasnt sure. He said that was too bad because hed spent about 3 years over there and he loved it. We chatted for a little while and then I went home.

One thing most people dont realize is that Yoga makes you sweaty. VERY sweaty and I needed a shower when I got home. Im gonna pause here for a moment to warn you that this next part gets very personal.

For the last month or so, My body had been experiencing symptoms similar to what Todd had described in one of his posts as Anne-Marie. The foggy headedness, the insomnia, the tension, in short, I was horny. And having spent the last hour in tight pants, stretching out , and having a guy touch you while doing so only served to make me hornier. On top of that coming home and getting into a steamy shower and rubbing yourself with soap isnt the best remedy for that either. By the time I got out of the shower, I was going insane.

What can I say? I did what i had to. I took of my robe, collapsed on the bed and started "exploring". It wasnt completley foreign to me, I did have a fiancee after all, but it was a lot different from this angle. After about half an hour (long time, I know) i was done. I didnt quite "finish" (or at least I dont think i did, i wouldnt know what it felt like) but I was able to think straight again.

Its weird to talk about but i figured I need to say somthing to somebody, and I wasnt gonna tell Priya about this (altho she does sometimes read this blog). I know im not the first changed guy to relay his female sexual experiences here , altho of my "class" I am the first one to do so. Im surprised I held out longer than Alia, idve thought shed try it within 5 minutes of getting a penis.

So yeah. That what I did yesterday.

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