Monday, January 03, 2011

Todd: A Quick MSN Convo

Alia: Hey what are you doing?

Todd: Homework

Alia: Lies

Todd: You can't prove that

Alia: Semester hasn't begun yet

Todd: I have a big assignment due in Jan I wanted to get ahead on

Alia: Still he lies!

Todd: For all you know that's true! I'm really responsible now!!

Alia: You went back to Maine didn't you! What's your name, lady?!

Todd: ...

Todd: Too far.

Alia: You laughed.

Todd: Nuh uh.

Alia: Todd I'm sitting at your desk, watching you on your bed, you're not doing homework. And you laughed.

Todd: K fine. I'm booking a vacation.


Alia: I was gonna say...

Todd: Just pricing New York trips.

Alia: Sounds good.

Todd: Also looking at porn.

Alia: Of course.

Alia: Touching yourself?

Todd: Of course.

Alia: Pics plz.


Alia: Mmm u so hot i got a boner wanna fuk??

(Three hours of sex ensues)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Three hours! You wish, guy.

(And yes, folks, I granted him permission to post this.)

-Alia (The name function seems to be messed up.)

Anonymous said...

That was oddly rather sweet and heartwarming.