Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jake/Ashlyn--at the sound of the beep, leave a message

The trip from Old Orchard Beach to Boston gave me some downtime, and I went through the 22 voicemails on my new cell phone. Lots of good info in the messages to help me get a mental picture on the life I stepped into.

5 calls were from bill collectors, which is probably a bad sign for me money-wise.

4 calls were from Ashlyn’s roommates, they were wondering where I was—and more specifically, where my part of the rent was located. Again, not a good sign for me financially.

2 calls were from a “Mike” at some radio station in Boston. He wanted to know if I wanted to work the Patriots game this Sunday. I jotted down his info, planning to call him back. From the sound of some of the previous calls, I might need the money, so I should at least find out what the job is about.

1 call was from my new mom, she just called to say “Hi”, and wanted to know how I was doing. She also wanted to know if “I took that job” and added “We won’t judge you sweetheart. Your father and I will love no matter what…but if this is just a money issue, please, let us help you before you do something you regret. I love you. Call me”.
This worried me. On the DVD Ashlyn didn’t mention anything that I felt would worry a mother.

It didn’t take long to find out what the fuss was about. I received 1 call from an “Anthony” who apparently runs a strip club. He said he was disappointed that I changed my mind about coming to dance. He said with a little improvement in my dance technique, that I and my “red hot little body” would go far. He said he had a weakness for red heads, and if I ever changed my mind there was always a spot open to me.

Great. I was almost a stripper. The thought made me nauseous.

3 calls were from friends of Ashlyn, who wanted to go shopping or clubbing.

3 calls were from guys who said something like “I heard you were back on the market. We ought to go out”.

And 3 calls were from a guy called Josh. The calls from Josh were tough to sit through. The guy really poured his heart out. It was weird to hear someone speak so passionately—and to know that passion was directed at me. I could tell from his messages Josh wasn’t going to give up easily. I was going to have to deal with him.

I set the phone down and start to go through the purse—but the first things I pulled out were tampons and rubbers. I decided the purse could wait for later and slept the rest of the way.

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