Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jake/Ashlyn--Halloween part 1

I received a second gift from my secret admirer Wednesday a week ago. It was a bottle of perfume-- Dolce & Gabbana “Light Blue”, with it was a note:

A new scent to go with your new look.
From your secret admirer.

At that point I was still not too worried. I was determined to not read too much into the gifts and notes. I’m guessing Ashlyn was the kind of girl who often received anonymous gifts—and the notes could be interpreted many different ways.

Yesterday morning, Halloween, I received my third gift and now I am officially concerned.

Boots. Not just any boots either—but knee high black leather boots that go perfect with my Halloween costume. It’s like someone knew I had to pass on the boots when I bought my costume—I simply couldn’t afford them. They were also in my size.

The note with the boots said: I thought you might enjoy these, I know I would enjoy seeing you in them. From your secret Admirer. PS—You have the body of a Venus.

All the notes have hinted that my secret admirer knows my secret that I am not really the busty red head I appear to be, but they are just vague enough to mean nothing at all.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid. I’ve shown all three notes to my roommates Billie and Jordan, and they didn’t seem to be too concerned. Then again, they don’t know my secret.

“Besides Ash,” Jordan says to me, with a slightly contempt sound to her voice, “This is sooooo much better than your last secret admirer—The guy who would take pictures of his body parts and send them to you.”

I decided to worry about it later—I had to get ready for work. I was working the lunch shift on Halloween so I could be free that night to go to the party. I had a small problem in the fact I had to wear a costume to work and didn’t want to wear the costume I bought for the party. I’ve noticed food enviably gets on you clothing if you are a waitress, it doesn’t matter how careful you are.

So I started digging through my closet looking for something that would work as a costume. I had given the closet a cursory search months ago when I first arrived in Cambridge, but this time I was going though the boxes I passed on before. I hit pay dirt on things I wasn’t looking for, but could come in very handy.

I found several photos albums—and better than just pictures, Ashlyn apparently wrote little captions for all the photos. I now know what my new Mom and Dad look like.

I also found several diaries. The most recent one was only a year old. I skimmed it for a moment then put it away for later study—if I am going to live this life for now on, it would be nice to know a little of it’s history.

I found some paperwork to a modeling agency, releases for some photographs, and a box of “Headshots” of Ashlyn—headshots are what actors (and models?) send out as resumes.

Lastly, I found the perfect Halloween costume for work.

Ashlyn’s high school cheerleader’s uniform. If I had found this earlier, I might not have bought they costume I got shopping with Art.

I squeeze into the uniform, put on my pink running shoes, and put my hair up in pig tails. I was ready for work. I pause in front of the big mirror in my room and do a few mock cheerleader poses. Deep down I know it’s unhealthy to be so self absorbed by my reflection, but I just can’t help myself. I wonder if the real Ashlyn was as fond of her reflection as I am?

I made a lot in tips that lunch.

The Party:

According to the packaging, my costume is called “Vixen Pirate Wench with Velvet Double Lace Corset Dress” it’s red and black, and sexy as hell. I couldn’t resist wearing the boots with it. I’m too embarrassed to put in this blog how long I spent on hair and makeup.

Josh picked me up in his brand new blue Acura. I was kind o f envious—I miss my Jeep. In Texas everyone has a car or truck. Here in the North East not everyone does, and for those who do, there is not enough parking.

It felt funny when he opened the door for me, plus I was wearing a short skirt, so getting into the car was a little awkward. The car was pretty, but what really got my attention was the navigation system. Once a geek, always a geek, I guess. I think Josh was a little surprised when I started asking him about the specs.

Like I had planned, Josh also was decked out in a pirate look. His was much more rustic looking, and he purposely hadn’t shaved in several days to add to the look. He looked great. I knew we were going to look great together—which I couldn’t understand why that was important to me.

When we get to the party, I realized the pirate look might not have been the way to go. Pirates were very popular this year. At a glance, it seemed like there were more pirates than any other types of costume.

“I guess we are not going to win most original costume.” I say to Josh.

“Maybe not, but I think you’ve got sexiest in the bag.” He slips an arm around me.

I pull away, trying to not look obvious about it. “Let’s dance.”

We dance. We drink. We have a good time. Josh ran into some friends—three couples—and introduced me to them. We find a table, and take it over.

Susan, a pretty blonde in the group, sits next to me and says, “So you are the Ashlyn that Josh has been talking about. I can see why he’s so crazy about you.” She made pleasant conversation, but seemed cold to me.

Susan was wearing a school girl outfit. The other two women in our group are wearing sexy outfits as well. Sitting there, I realized we all looked like strippers.

We continue to drink and have a good time. I’ve learned to pace myself—in the past I’ve made the mistake of drinking like I was still Jake. I decided my days of getting totally smashed are over—it’s just too dangerous as a woman.

I caught Susan staring at Josh a few times—and whenever Josh said something funny, no one laughed louder than she did. I haven’t been a woman all that long, but my intuition was telling me that Susan had a thing for Josh.

Art showed up late and alone, and I am betting unintentionally, looking very cute in an Oakland Raiders jersey.

I ran over to him and drug him over to our table. “Everyone, this is Liz.”

Josh acted like he knew Liz. Which I guess is possible, but I don’t think the new Liz and Josh have crossed paths yet.

“So where’s Ray?” Josh asked grinning. “I was going to bum some free legal advice from him.”

“Oh he’ll show up. He just had to work late.” Art gives me a look. “I can’t believe you are actually wearing that.”

I shrug. “It’s fun. I still think you would have looked good in the genie costume.”

Things were going great, and then a bunch of the other girls who work as promo girls for the radio station showed up, saw me and joined us at our table. I have had conversations with these women, but nothing to deep or special--now they were acting like we were best friends—and they were waaaaaayyyy ahead of us on drinks. You get enough hot looking drunk women in one area, and guys show up from everywhere. Our little group around a table turned into a huge group with multiple tables pushed together.

Damn. It’s 9am and I’ve got to get ready for work. I’ll finish up Halloween tonight.


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