Friday, November 03, 2006

Jake/Ashlyn--Halloween part 2

So the party was picking up steam.

I tried to hang with Art, but between Josh, Josh’s friends and the girls from the radio station, my attention was divided. I lost Art for a little while, and when I found her she was getting a lot of unwanted attention from a guy dressed as Fred Flintstone.

I watched the exchange from a distance—it was amusing. Art would take a step back trying to get away, and Fred would take a step forward and close the gap. I walked over to help rescue a friend.

“Hi Liz! Who’s your friend?”

Art shot me a look. “Would you believe his actual name is Fred?”

I stuck out my hand, and out of reflex Fred did the same. I shook Fred’s hand.

“Nice to meet you Fred. I’m sorry, but I have to steal Liz from you. I need to go to the powder room and I can’t go alone. It’s a girl thing.”

I grab Art by the arm, and lead her away.

“I could have handled that.” Art says, “But thanks away.”

“Your welcome. Having a good time?” I asked.

“Yes. No. I don’t know. That was the third guy who has hit on me. I wasn’t expecting to receive so much attention. It isn’t like I dressed up like…” She made a waving motion toward my costume.

“Like a slut?” I asked slightly defensive.

“Sexy. I didn’t dress up sexy.” She added.

“Like it or not, you are an attractive woman. You’re going to get noticed.” In the distance I see Ray walking up. He’s was obviously looking for Art. “Looks like the boyfriend has finally arrived.”

Art turns, and waves Ray over.

Ray walked over to us. He wrapped an arm Art and kissed her on top of the head.

“Aw, you guys make such a cute looking couple.” I say to them, giving Art a smirk.

“That’s an amazing costume Ash.” Ray says to me. “You couldn’t get Liz to wear something like that? I count on you to be a bad influence.”

“Hey!” Art exclaims. “I’m standing right here.”

We make small talk and eventually Josh shows up, and drags me to the dance floor. It didn’t take much arm twisting—as Ashlyn, I love to dance.

An hour or so later, I see Art waving me down.

“I’ve had enough.” She tells me. “I’m going to tell Ray I’m not feeling well, and I’m ready to leave.”

“Wow, it’s still early. You sure you don’t want to stick around?” I say to her.

“I am so done.”

Art and Ray take off and the rest of the night almost went without incident.


After dancing with Josh for a while, he ran off to the rest room, leaving me alone for a few minutes. A very drunk Susan (blonde in a school girl outfit) staggered up beside me.

“I really don’t know what he sees in you.” She slurs. “You’re nothing but a big breasted gold digging whore.”

“Excuse me?” I was honestly surprised. I wasn’t expecting a personal attack from another woman. I mean, women are sugar and spice, right?

“I said you are nothing but a big breasted gold digging whore—who doesn’t deserve a guy like Josh. Bitch.”

I was unprepared for this, but decided to take the high road. “Look Susan, you’re drunk—“

“How dare you judge me!” She cut me off, swung her arm, and slapped me.

Without even thinking about it, I slapped her back. I realized it was a mistake the moment I did it. I just wanted to get away from this crazy chick—Susan was looking for a fight.

I’m an easy going guy—girl now. It might have been 15 years since I have been in any kind of physical fight. But kind of like I couldn’t go two months as Ashlyn without getting sick, I couldn’t go two months without getting in a cat fight.

Susan jumps me, and to the amusement of the party crowd, a catholic school girl and a sexy pirate wench were rolling around on the floor--hitting, scratching, and pulling hair.

The really sad part is that Susan was kicking my ass. I was getting beat up by a girl. I’ve decided it was because Susan knew how to fight as a girl—I didn’t have a clue.

Security dragged us apart. Josh showed up just in time to see the very end. Fortunately, the police don’t seem to get called in for cat fights.

Josh drove me home—not that we had much choice, security demanded we leave. He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else, but my costume was torn and I was dying of embarrassment—I just wanted the night to be over.

When we get to my place, Josh parks the car and I apologize for ruining the party and our date.

“Then make it up to me—let’s go out again.” He says.

“Deal.” I go to open the door and get out, but Josh gently places his hand on my arm, stopping me. He leans in and kisses me. I knew when I said I would go out with him to the party that the night might end with a kiss—so I was slightly prepared and tried not freeze up. I also knew that a kiss was my limit and he had no chance of coming inside.

The kiss was nice, but it still feels weird to kiss a guy. I give it a mixed review.

He jumps out of the car, opens my door for me and walks me to my door.

My night was finally over. I walk into my bedroom and look at myself in my big mirror.

I was a mess. “Happy two month anniversary Ashlyn.” I get out of the costume and into bed.


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Anonymous said...

Ugh, that was miserable. I'm spending the day in Old Orchard to see if I can dig anything up just on the off-chance that I can get out of this body before having to go to another party next week.

At least there won't be costumes at that one. I swear, Jake would have dressed as Red Sonja if Boston's climate was more like Texas's.