Monday, June 18, 2007

Trip / Kat - Things can always be worse

I guess I shouldn't have complained last Thursday - as they say, "Things can always be worse."

Last Saturday I needed some tools from one of the top shelves in the garage. Since I'm not as tall as I used to be, I needed something to stand on to get them down. I probably should have used a step-stool instead of the bucket that I did. But I didn't, the bucket tipped, and falling to the floor I went.

I could complain, but I think I got off pretty lucky. A sprained ankle and wrist... and I put my back out... but no broken bones. I couldn't move much on Sunday or Monday, it was too painful. So, I was stuck in bed for the most-part, until yesterday. A couple trips to the chiropractor and some pain-killers and I'm moving pretty well again. Well enough to sit here at the desk long enough to check email and type this out.

I guess the timing couldn't have been better, it gave the new Trip and I plenty of time to discus our former lives. I needed to know more about the man who is taking my place, and he needed to know more about the role he is now playing. I learned that he and his wife were taking what would probably be their last vacation; that his wife was dying from cancer and didn't have long to live.

As we talked, I could tell that he was having problems with the thoughts of passing his, and especially his wife's, fate on to others. The chance that some young man or woman with a bright future ahead of them could suddenly be facing a bleak and short future. I certainly could not have picked a more deserving soul to wear my skin, than this man... this great man, whose eerily familiar eyes reflected the tempestuous moral dilemma he now faced. I felt saddened... my own problems so insignificant in comparison.

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