Friday, November 14, 2008

Brandon/Laura: The first month- Part 3.

When the alarm clock went off wednesday morning i was already awake, lying in bed. I didnt get much sleep that night. I got out of bed and sighed. I didnt sleep in my clothes that night, but i didnt use Laura's sleepwear either. I had just found an tshirt and wore it with my underwear.

I had set the alarm for 6am, even tho i didnt have to be in until 9. That gave me a good margin of error in case i coulnt figure things out. The shower was more in depth than the one I took the day before, because i had to wash and condition my new hair. For good measure i also decided to use the other bottles in there, the bodywash and moisteurizer. I figured if they were in there, they were necessary.

When I got out of the shower i toweled myself off and tried to do that towel turban thing with my wet hair. Didnt work out so well, but i got it all in there. I briefly thought about makeup but decided not to mess with a good thing. Her body may be "plus sized" but Laura has a pretty face. Good skin too, no blemishes anywhere.

As I waited for my hair to dry i went into the bedroom wearing only my towel turban and looked into the massive closet for business attire. I was NOT going to wear a skirt so i picked out one of her pantsuits. Got that on without much trouble. Its pretty much a man's suit, except tighter with the buttons on the wrong side. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and was impressed, until i turned around and saw that the tight pants produced serious pantylines. Which i enjoyed on girls as a guy, but i also knew that they were a major faux pas. I sighed and resigned myself that it was thong time. Laura had a LOT of them, in different styles and colors. I just picked a white one, closed my eyes and slipped it on. It wasnt too awful, kinda comfy actually. And it got rid of the pantylines. By this time my hair was dry and needed to be done. Im not a hair stylist so i just brushed it and made a simple ponytail.

When I was ready, it was 8:00. This gave me time to have cornflakes and leave for the office with time to spare. I got into the Jetta with my Mapquest directions, even tho i didnt need them. The office was right down Olive street from the apartment. I arrived there 5 min later. It was NOT a long drive at all. It was only 8:20 when i walked into Smith Brothers Mortgage.

The receptionist's face lit up when she saw me. She was a woman in her 30s who from her nameplate i discovered was named Whitney.

"Oh my God Laura, weve missed you SO much! How was Maine? You sure are in early." She said in a hyper excited voice.

"Yeah, I figured Id get in early to catch up on what i missed" i said

"Good idea, Mr. Smith is already in his office, ill send you in".

With that I went down the hallway to the office of my new boss, Clarence Smith. He was a bald man in his 50s. He smiled when he saw me. "Laura, great to have you back. I hope you enjoyed your much needed vacation."

We chatted briefly about Maine, and then he got into a huge, informative lecture about what i missed. New negotiation strategies for fixed rates, what lenders were suffering from the housing crises, refinancing strategies. I just smiled and nodded. When he finished it was 9 and he said "Well, it looks like its time to get going, ill have Whitney send in your files"

I walked down the corridor until i found the office marked with Laura's name and saw Whitney heaping a big pile of papers on the desk. "Good luck with this" she said.

I closed the door behind me, sat down, looked at the pile of papers, and realized that i knew absolutely NOTHING about brokering mortgages.

If anyone's ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where George gets a job and has no idea how to do it, so he just sits in his office and reorganizes the Penske file, that was me. I put all the papers into accordion folders. I did this for 8 hours. I looked very busy.

At 5 i rushed home and called Laura.

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