Monday, November 10, 2008

Brandon/Laura: The first month-Part 1

Sorry I havent posted anything since my change, when adapting to another person's life, blogging isnt a high priority.

When you last saw me, i was at the Inn for my last night, with a flight to St. Louis in the morning. How I got there took some maneuvering. First, since Laura hadnt planned on having her body in Limbo for 2 weeks, he return plane ticket had expired, leaving me to have to buy a new one. That cost me $281. Heres the kicker, I didnt have that much cash, and none of my credit cards would work in this instance. Why? Because a credit card from a man in Arizona purchasing a plane ticket to be used by a woman in Maine to fly to Missouri raises a red flag. (A BIG one considering what happened to my body) My only choice was to use one of Laura's credit cards, which i rationalized by saying id pay it off while i was in her body. I used the same card to pay for the train ticket to Portland.

After a nervous trek through airport security and a flight home, i found myself at Lambert St. Louis airport, where Laura's car had been parked. I didnt know where tho, just that it was a Blue Volkswagen Jetta (chick car). I wound up walking up and down the parking lot, pushing the panic button on the keychain until the alarm went off. It took me 10 min but i finally found it.

Using mapquest directions i was able to make it from the airport (in the suburbs) to her apartment (downtown) without getting too lost. Upon opening it up i saw just the opposite of my place. This apartment was CLEAN. Everything was spotless and in its place, even her DVDs were alphabetized. I threw my luggage down on the couch, and being dog tired, made it to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed.

Ive got some free time lately, so withing the next few days ill post more.

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