Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Arthur/Penny: Good grief!

Don't tell anyone around here, but I am positively thrilled that the Patriots didn't make the playoffs. As a writer, I've always understood the sports columnists who said they rooted for the story, even though as a fan I think it sounds like a soul-deadening outlook. For the last couple months, though, I've just been rooting for a reduced workload. Carefully, of course - print is in all sorts of trouble and it would be no surprise if Boston Today were to fold or decide that maybe I could be replaced by someone who would work even cheaper and longer than the woman with no prior experience and a degree in broadcast engineering!

And yes, I have pondered the irony that even in a down economy, I could probably get a pretty good job in television with Nell's resume and looks. I've been there, though, and I just enjoy writing too much.

When Tom Brady went down, I sort of knew that the Pats reporting would be kind of intense. I knew that there wouldn't be much relief when the Red Sox' championship run ended, because the Celtics would just take their place. I didn't see the Bruins coming, though! The last time I was in Boston, when I was living as Liz, no-one talked about them, it was with a mix of indifference and disgust. I dutifully read the scores on CalSports as they made a little run at the Stanley Cup, but the hockey guys there implied that it was mostly about the NHL letting a lot of teams into the playoffs. And yet, this year, they seem almost as dominant as the Celtics, who are so good that there's got to be Celtics material every day even when there's three days between games and not much to say.

It's been crazy enough that I've had precious few chances to get off sports, although election night was all hands on deck. I did a spot about sports bars tuning to CNN that was cut to something like two sentences for the print edition but ran in full online. I guess that's the future.

At least Boston doesn't really care about college sports even when they've had teams doing well. If I had to pay rapt attention to a bunch of bowl games rather than head out to Ashlyn's party tonight, I'd probably be pretty annoyed!

- Art/"Penny"


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear from you again! Would absolutely LOVE more details of your new life in Boston, and how you're coping!

Happy New Year to you, and to all who contribute to this blog. You all deserve special thanks for all that you go through to bring us your stories.

Anonymous said...

How about giving us an update about how Ashlyn's doing, since she hasn't posted here in a long time? Those of us who have been following this blog from the beginning are dying for an update. Tell Ashlyn that she's letting her online fan club down! ;-)