Friday, December 05, 2008

Bryan/Ellie: School days and suburban nights

So... hey. I guess I should introduce myself even though you guys kinda already know me through Todd. He's been good enough to share some of the details of my life with you guys cause he knows writing isnt really my thing, but obviously he can't tell you everything about my life since he's busy being Aunt Anne and really we don't get to see each other often enough. plus alot of the crazy stuff he has yet to actually mention here.

So yeah, as you may remember (I know I haven't forgotten) I've spent the last few months as a 14-year-old girl. It's....... interesting, in the way a really nasty youtube video is interesting. For every good thing there's plenty of bad. The good parts tend to focus on having rich parents, and not being so pretty that boys are paying a lot of attention to me (as far as I can tell.) The bad part involves the usual physical, uh, complaints, and constantly being surrounded by bitchy high school girls and awkward high school boys. Also my chest is rally sore and I've noticed since I've had this body it's starting to fill out a little bit. I really dont think this is something I should be around for.

So Ellie goes to this upscale private school that is a lot nicer than the public school I went to in Canada. The floors are clean and there's a lot of windows, but I have to wear the skirt for the uniform. Yeah, Todd told you about the Mercy Mamas, but it's not like wearing a skirt was something we liked doing for its own sake. It was a show and at the time it was fun. Anyway, Ellie's friends... I try to ignore them, and they've kinda ignored me, so it's hard to tell who started it, me or them.

The exception is Emily Sinclair, who was new to the school. Lucky enough, we met in the first week when she was all shy and stuff (sitting alone is kinda a giveaway) and I decided to be her friend. She's pretty cool for your average teen girl. I'm trying to mould her into someone I would actually want to hang out with, since she's at that impressionable age, so I'm introducing her to some good bands, showing her rock goes a little deeper than Nickelback and the Killers. But there's another reason I've stuck with her... she's friggin' gorgeous.

I dunno if she knows it... she seems nervous a lot of the time when boys pay attention to her. And me, I like her because it makes me feel like people aren't gawking at me. I look normal but I still don't... feel normal. But I like being around her because I know I can just be the, like, average-looking friend.

Anyway, we were supposed to go see that movie Twilight last weekend. It looks kinda dumb but all the other girls were loving it and I had this in-character moment where I agreed to go along. Until the parent-teacher conference.

I dunno how smart Ellie is, but she must be decent because her grades have been slipping a bit since I took the wheel. What can I say? How can I possibly care? I learned most of this stuff, then forgot it when I found out it was all unimportant... why should I bother to study again? I'm not gonna be in this body in six months (fingers crossed) so I don't want to, like... put all this effort into it that I don't need to. But try explaining that to the McClays. "Mom and dad" were really pissed... I dunno if I'm grounded or what, but I used it as an excuse to not see that vampire movie. I was also glad to get out of it because, well, it was supposed to be a double-date. Emily was a lot more upset than I was, because she got so nervous she called the thing off at the last minute, and now there's a big high school-type mess between her and the boy and the guy who was supposed to be my date. Whatever.

I dunno. I guess this didn't really have much of a point, except to get some stuff off my slowly-developing chest. I have a lot of time to go stir crazy in this room and if I wasn't able to write this stuff, maybe I'd forget who I really am. Unlike Todd, I've got a lot of people calling me Ellie all day long. And that really messes with your head.


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