Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alia/Rob: Follow-ups

I feel like I don't spend enough time on this blog actually talking about my life as Rob. Especially re-reading my last post which was more or less a therapy session.

I know there are some people reading this; maybe even more than those who reply, including fellow "victims" (such a negative term.) If you have any questions about me or Rob's life, or just any Inn-related topic that I might be able to address, feel free to comment and I will be glad to discuss it (or explain why I might not want to discuss it, haha.) I know there's an "official" e-mail address on the corner here but I don't personally have access to it... so if you need to contact me and don't feel comfortable using the comments section, feel free to do so at alia.rob[at] -- an account I set up just for this.


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