Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Greg/Priya: Vacation time and Chain Links

So its been a relatively long time since I posted, and thats only partially due to the content of my last post. I mean, at the time it seemed like a good idea but as time wore on I kinda got embarrassed by it, although im not the first guy turned girl to talk about that on this blog. Anyway Im over it.

The main reason I havent posted was that the last month or so has been a busy time for teachers. I have to fill out state required progress reports for each of my students and assess their developmental levels. This is actually a lot harder for Kindergartners because I dont give them tests. This is why elementary education requires a specific degree and not just any bachelors. This stuff is also pretty important, a bad evaluation here could put a kid on a wrong educational track that could do irreparable damage. I found myself digging through Priya's old textbooks and calling her at all hours of the night to ask questions as I checked and double checked it for each students report. Finally I was comfortable enough to submit them.

So now I find myself on a Tuesday afternoon with nothing to do, because one of the greatest things about being a teacher is the vacations. Its not just the 3 months in summer that allow you to do things like go to Maine and have your identity shifted, but its also 3 whole weeks for Christmas. (Officially its called winter break, because Christmas Vacation is politically incorrect).

Thats why Im siting alone in my apartment on a Tuesday afternoon, because all of my non teacher friends are at work. Its a great time to catch up on blogging too. I think I would go insane after two weeks of this, but fortunately a bunch of other teachers and I are going snowboarding in Denver, and we leave tomorrow. Im not really close to any of Priya's teacher friends, but I can fake it, because they bought the tickets back in May and besides, I LOVE snowboarding.

The best part about having some time off is that It gives me time to work on my plan to stop being Priya. After reading some other posts it hit me like a ton of brick that Ive been in this body for almost 6 months now. Ive been taking it one day at a time and those days have added up. I might just make this.

Anyway, early January is when the Trading Post Inn starts taking reservations for next year. But before I can do that, Ive got to figure out how long a chain to make. Ideally, you could have the last person who stayed there in the fall be the first person to stay there in the summer (Like Brandon did) and they would turn back into themselves. You could then work backwards and put people back where they belong until everything is right. This is impossible due to deaths, people getting lost, and body theft like that guy who made Art into Penny. Either way everyone deserves a shot at their body back so I'm taking the next few weeks to form a chain and make the reservations in that order.

So far all i know is this:

My old body is in another part of town, with Dee inside of it pretending it to me

My new body's real owner is in New Jersey, pretending to be Emily David.

Who is in the real Dee or where the real Emily is I don't know, but im gonna try to help find out, and then find their correct body, and so on and so on until we get a break in the chain.

Im gonna take my laptop to Denver in case i get an email so Ill probably do an entry from there.

Ill keep you posted


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