Friday, April 13, 2012

Greg/Alexis: Hitting the Road

When you consider my past experiences with making things public on this blog, such as it leading to my original body being stolen, you'd think I'd be smart enough not to post about something like an affair I was having like I did last week.

I knew that people who knew me in real life read this blog, all of them having been to the inn before since those of you that have never been there still think that it's some sort of elaborate work of fiction put on by brilliant writers.

Anyway I knew that the Real Sharon and Alex read the blog, so it wasnt a shock that they found out. They were going to find out anyway, this was actually easier than a weird phone call from me in the summer or even worse a really weird convo with Annabelle so I actually might have done myself a favor, however it sure doesnt feel that way after the phone calls I got yesterday.

They were clearly upset because they called me at work, meaning they wanted to yell at me right then and there and didnt care that anyone would wonder why these random people were calling Alex.

The first one to call me was Sharon, and she was practically in tears. Which sounds funny coming from her deep male voice. She launched into this rant about how she thought I was better than this and how I betrayed her. I tried to explain that I wasn't married to her or her body and that I'd actually done a lot more to preserve her life than most people had but she would have none of it. She hung up and I tried to get back to work despite being a little bit rattled.

A couple hours later I got a phone call from the real Alex. She hadn't read the blog post until Sharon had called her and ratted me out. Alex was always more logical than emotional in my experience, so she kept her calm, but was still pretty scathing. The first thing she said was "How dare you"

I tried to appeal to her knowledge of this body, and how I needed attention and wasn't getting it at home.

"That doesn't give you the right to jeopardize my marriage"

"It's only a marriage on paper" I explained "Malinda is not Sharon, and she doesnt even think we should be allowed to be married. In fact, your marriage seems to be doing pretty well considering youve hooked up in your current bodies. What kind of risk to you think that puts to Selena Bookman's marriage. How do you think Mr. Bookman would react to finding out his wife has been sleeping with a trucker?"

She was silent for a moment. I had struck a nerve. She finally came back with "Yes, but Sharon is my real life wife...Annabelle is a third party who think youre me, and is going to think we had an affair for the rest of her life."

She had me there. Not only is Annabelle unknowing of who I really am, she's thinks I'm her close friend. I put a whole new level of awkwardness into that relationship.

"I'm sorry" i said weakly.

"Break it off, and be nice" She said firmly before hanging up.

She was right, even though I didnt like it. Annabelle was one of the more enjoyable things in my life in a long time, but this wasn't going to be life life for much longer so I was going to have to end it. Knowing I was going to have to let my paramour down soured the rest of the day and I left early.

I went home and poured myself a glass of whiskey and was going to take a bubble bath when Malinda ambushed me. Literally, she pushed me. This is the second time she's gotten physical but I resisted the urge to karate chop her and just said "What the hell?"

"What the hell yourself" She spat back "Couldnt keep your hands on yourself so you have to go have an affair? Do you have any idea how this makes me look?"

I stared at her jaw dropped. "Since when do you care about any of this? Nobody cares how you look because nobody knows except me and Annabelle. And you were the one who cheated first. Remember that guy you took upstairs."

"I didn't do anything" she said defensively

"Because youre gay" I said. I knew that would make her mad but she deserved it. After spending the day being judged the last thing I needed was for this woman to all of a sudden act like she cared about this sham of a marriage. I stormed upstairs.

After thinking for a minute and finishing my drink...I started packing. I called off Friday as well as Monday and Tuesday and got in the Range Rover and started driving.

I'm on my laptop at a Holiday Inn in Bangor, Maine. No i am not going to Old Orchard beach, that's farther south.

I've got someone I need to talk find direction.

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