Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Greg/Alexis: Hmm...Annabelle

So I spent pretty much the entire month of March without a home computer. Our home internet went out and rather than restore it the company decided that we had to upgrade, but upgrading took about 10 days while they restored the line. Despite living in the biggest city in VT, our broadband is pretty inferior. I had better internet in Mississippi (mostly because I was right next to a college), but I also had stretch marks in Mississippi, so its a fair trade.

And right after the internet was restored my tower started overheating. Apparently the CPU needed a new radiator, at least it looked like a radiator. The irony of this situation is that I get paid pretty good money to fix computer issues, and I was pretty helpless. It's not like I could take this to my employees and have them think their boss was an idiot, so I had to very silently pay someone out of town to fix it.

And since blogging on a touchscreen impossible and I dont dare log into this blog at work, that kept me from the Trading Post Inn blog. Or at least that's what I told myself. Maybe I was avoiding writing while I wrestled with what else was going on in my life.

So after my last post, one of the commenters posted "Hmmm, Annabelle" and that pretty much summed up the way I had been thinking. Heck, it's probably why I wrote that post. It was pretty clear to me that there was sexual tension being created, but I wasnt sure how far it went or how I was going to respond to it.

The answer to the first question came in the first week of March. I was over at her apartment watching a movie on the couch with her when our knees accidentally touched. Normally when that happens you move your knee, but I just let it linger there,and so did she.

Ok, So I know this next part is pretty high schooly, but the movie became a game of "who can touch the other one more without them saying anything or moving" and I would say we both won, because by the time the movie was over we were pretty much cuddling.

We started talking, rather whispering to each other, while we looked in each others eyes. I forget the exact exchange but I said something along the lines of not having a chance at something at which point she straddled me, looked me straight in the eyes and said: "If you need it, nows your chance to take it"

I'd be lying if I said I acted in the moment, because the truth is I had been thinking about this for weeks. I have needs, and theres only so much a toy can do. I had been a lesbian for 7 months and still hadnt had sex. I felt like I owed it to my 15 year old self to at least try it. I'd be crazy not to, right? When does anyone ever get that chance?

I leaned up and kissed her. Long and deep with tongue. She smiled and said "Finally" before taking me by the hand and leading her upstairs to the bedroom. We undressed each other slowly, admiring each others bodies. Annabelle doesnt have a traditionally attractive female body, but she's an amazing combination of curve and muscle. Plus she has ENORMOUS nipples. When we were naked I was kneeling on the bed and she came up to me and said "I've been wanting to do this since college" before pushing me onto the bed and kissing my neck, and then moving down to my shoulder, then down to my nipples and then....down.

A bit of info for all you non lesbians out there: It's NOTHING like you see in porno movies. Those are actresses doing what looks hot to a primarily straight male audience. In real life it's a lot less theatrics.

Not like I had my eyes open much. I spent most of the time writhing on the bed while Annabelle went down on me. She's a fucking expert. Not just of what to do but how to do it. It was a perfect combination of speed and rhythm and pressure. After my 3rd orgasm she came up and kissed me, smiling. Perfectly aware of what she just did to me. It was kinda of intimidating because I was a bit nervous as she lied down next to me and guided my hand to her pussy.

I've been with women before, albeit none in almost 3 years, but I've also owned various vaginas over that time period so I probably know more than most men about how to pleasure a woman, but I wasnt even on the same level as she was. Still, with some helpful guidance I managed to get her off.

While we got under the covers and cuddled ourselves to sleep she held me tight and whispered. "Never thought you'd be the submissive type, Barco"

"Neither did I" I whispered back with a giggle.

When I woke up the next morning I wasnt overcome with any guilt, shame, or regret. In fact I was glad I did it and I wish I had done it sooner. I gave her a good morning kiss and then went to work. It was the best encounter I've had since I became a woman, I loved it. Annabelle mustve loved it too because since then I've slept over there at least a couple of nights a week.

It's really had a positive effect on me. Most of my last 3 years have been doing things to not screw up. This I did for me. Because I wanted to experience it. Being around her makes me relaxed and happy and it makes up for the real sourpuss I had to live with for the first 6 months in this body. Being in a loveless marriage really made me miss human affection, and now I'm getting it.

Sharon and Alex are still going to be married when they get back here, and I'm still legally bound to Malinda in Sharon's body. But right now I'm going to enjoy myself and have a girlfriend...even if the only people I can tell about her are you guys.


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