Thursday, October 11, 2012

Greg/Kurt: Filling you In

Right. So the blog isn't dead, it just kind of seems that way lately. Life is just in the way for our regular posters but we keep contact and we've even got a few new posters who want to share their stories so we're working with them. In the mean time life has just gotten in the way.

My life isn't that complicated. In fact its pretty easy at the moment, that's why I haven't been blogging. This is the longest I've ever gone between leaving the inn and blogging but its because I didn't really feel any big interesting monumental things happen when I got here. It helps that Tulsa is boring. Its a pretty big city compared to the rest of Oklahoma and they have most every kind of store, but its kind of sleepy and shuts down around midnight. So not quite Chicago.

Work is actually fairly easy. I'm the manager at an electronics retailer, and while I've never worked retail I've learned enough from previous management/IT jobs to fudge it enough. Dealing with corporate sucks but I'm doing well enough not to get Kurt fired.

Home is a new experience because for the first time I'm living with someone who doesn't know I'm changed. Guy's name is Sean, he's about the same age as Kurt and we live in a nice 2 bedroom apartment. I guess they aren't best friends forever but they get along and don't fight.

I've been flying solo for most of it because outside of the initial letter, I haven't heard anything from the real Kurt. As I mentioned before he turned into a Chinese national and I guess his visa was expiring. Apparently when his new body disappeared for 2 weeks it might have caused some problems. I assume he's in China now but the email address I have for him hasn't been responsive.

This life doesn't really present any major challenges for me. Being a guy is easy, especially if you've done it before. I suppose if you've never been male before theres things to get used to, but even though I've taken a few years off its all come back to me.

I teased Alia when she became a man that she wouldn't last 5 minutes with a dick before jerking off but that wasn't true and it wasn't the first thing I did when I woke up as a man in fact it wasn't among the top 20. Its not that its weird having a dick, its weird that I have someone elses. Its not like it's functionally any different than the one I was born with (although it might be a little smaller, i forget) but it still is someone elses. It took a few days go get over it but one morning I woke up with a boner and got back into the rhythm.

Of course once I was back in the habit I just HAD to get laid. Kurt was single and I dont want to mess up any of his friendships like I did with Alexis and Annabelle, so a one night stand was the solution. So last week Sean and I hit the local singles bar.

I haven't been a single guy in a LONG time so it took a little while to get used to being the aggressor and buying drinks for girls. Fortunately I'm pretty good looking and I've always been charming but it had been years since I was a single guy, so it took a little while to get used to the searching process but I finally started chatting up this girl named Tricia.

We talked for a little while, we must have had something in common because after a few drinks she suggested that we go back to her place. By that time it was all coming back to me and we took a cab there.

From there it was all instinct and memory, I had forgotten how driven men get when they get started. I was focused on one thing only. It broke my concentration when Tricia handed me a condom, so much that it took me way longer than it should have to put the damn thing on, but its been awhile.

When it was all done we made out for a little while more before I fell asleep. I didn't even notice how tired I was but the booze and sex knocked me out. The next morning I woke up before her and left quietly. I put my phone number on her nightstand as a courtesy although I'm not going to be in a relationship again, and she hasn't called me so I think she understood what was up.

So yeah, thats basically been it. In a way I'm kind of glad for the mundane because I think I've had more than my share of drama for the last few years. Of course if any pops up, I'll be sure to post it.


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