Friday, November 02, 2012

Matt/Gabrielle: Friendly People

I like to think that everyone's life is like its own individual tv show, albeit most are pretty boring for most episodes. If someone were to watch the world through your eyes that's what it would be like a long, mostly boring, sometimes x rated TV show. As it stands most people only see their own tv show, and its interactive. People that go to the Trading Post Inn however, get to channel surf, and that's what's happened to me. I've been dropped into the middle of TV show that is 37 seasons in and I'm trying to learn the characters and plotlines subtly. I've got the basic stor down, as well as the main characters and how they interact. Its the the references to previous episodes and appearances of characters I don't recognize that throw me off.

I'll drop the the television analogy there and tell you that Gabrielle's neighbor came over today and bugged me for a few hours. It wasn't officially bugging, I think they're quite close, but this woman went on and on.

It started around noon when I was vacuuming and heard the doorbell ring. I answered the door cautiously, poking my head out as I always do, when a woman around my new age but a little shorter and a lot rounder pushed it open and gave me a tight hug. I hugged her back, because a person in my position can only assume every random hugger has the right to hug, which might be a bit dangerous.

I explained to this woman that I was cleaning but that just made her say "oh don't mind me, I'll keep you distracted" so my regular routine was slowed down a bit while this woman rattled on about people I didn't know while all the while I was thinking "who the fuck ARE you?"

She was, as I found out from texting the real Gabrielle afterwards, Dottie, our neighbor from two houses down. Our sons were in school together and they came over for barbecues and christmas parties and stuff.

She was also the head of the neighborhood association, which I found out as she was leaving she gave me a friendly reminder about how our garden wasn't up to code and we needed to weed it or face a fine. No I'm not kidding you, that's how these people live here in the suburbs.

That of course derailed my entire day. I had to find my gardening clothes and go out and get that taken care of, and by the time I had gotten back and finished my regular cleaning it was dinner time. Once everyone was fed and the kitchen cleaned I was so tired I went upstairs and collapsed around 7:30. I need a maid. Of course, that still wouldn't have prevented what happened next.

I was woken up a couple hours later to Dustin kissing my neck and rubbing my leg sensuously. At first it felt good, but once I had woken up enough to realize what was happening I turned around and pushed him away.

"I'm sorry honey, did I scare you?" he said moving closer again.

"Just woke me with a start" i said "I've had a long day"

"I'm sorry baby, do you want me to make you feel a lot better?" he said in a seductive manner that made me want to giggle.

"Sorry, honey. Not tonight" I said in a cliche way. I almost said I had a headache but didn't want to seem too much like a sitcom character.

"But its been a few weeks. I miss you" he said almost pleading. "Maybe just a blowjob?"

At that I said no firmer and meaner than I wanted to but he backed off and I got to fall asleep. He was gone as usual in the morning but this is going to be an ongoing problem. If I shut this guy out for the next year its going to cause a strain on their marriage. Maybe I can come up with some sort of medical excuse.

Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Yup. Give him the blowjob.