Monday, June 30, 2014

Jordan Chang - Not my sort of vacation

First off, I don't know if any of the actual people who run this place read posts on this "community diary" (and, whoever runs out, it looks like your well-intentioned but stupid idea to make this hotel more than just a place to sleep has been overrun by some really weird shit), but what's the deal with the sleeping arrangements?  I get that you guys might be screw-ups enough to have lost whatever note you made when Ravi called to say he needed two queens rather than one king-sized bed, but wouldn't it be much easier to switch is into a new room than to send a bunch of janitors to shuffle beds from our room to the basement and vice versa?  Even they were joking about that, although one of them told the others not to bitch about free overtime just because some of the repeat visitors are particular about which room they stay in.

That would make sense, I guess, if there are other rooms here better than this one, because it's pretty darn basic.  Just the beds, a dresser, and freaking folding chairs and tray tables.  There's also a seriously inadequate number of outlets; was this place built long enough ago that nobody imagined a need to plug anything other than the lamps that were already here in?  Ravi and I are each plugging a phone, a tablet, and a camera into one USB adapter in shifts, which means everything is going to take forever to charge.  And what outlets there are aren't even grounded, which means I'm going to need to find an adapter for this laptop tomorrow so that I can work on this project with the tight deadlines.  That'll be hard enough, since i think this whole inn's Wi-Fi network is being run off of one old wireless-b router that still has "linksys" as its name.  I swear, I could get a better connection on the train (and do not get me started about taking the train from New York to Maine, specifically how fucked-up Boston is!).

I wouldn't have even come to this rinky-dink imitation of Atlantic City (minus, of course, the gambling) if Ravi hadn't given me the whole "come on, you can work anywhere" spiel after Kareena said she couldn't make it, but either he didn't know anything about what the place they were staying was like or he wants to get me in a position so I can't pay my part of the rent and have to move out.  Not sure why he would unless his "fiancee" suddenly defrosts, but that hasn't stopped people from screwing me over before.

At least I'm not sharing a bed with Ravi anymore.  That would just be gross.


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