Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tyler/Judith: I guess purple is my color.

Looking at Judith's wardrobe, it's clear she had a thing for the shade. Probably half the outfits and shoes she owns, and most of the makeup, is all purple or has some purple element. I guess it goes with her skin tone or whatever, but I'd like more variety (admittedly, my attempt to justify my seeing purple as a very feminine color. I know guys wear it sometimes too, but I'm not exactly Prince.)

I shouldn't complain. It seems like she has a pretty good fashion sense - feminine and womanly, but professional and modest. Mature. After some adjusting, I feel a bit more at home in her clothes than I usually did in Lauren's. In that case I definitely didn't have the cash to go buying a whole new wardrobe just because I didn't want my middrift exposed. Here, I could probably splurge on some new clothes if it struck me, but what would be the point?

When I was typing out my blog posts about the Inn, Judith's long, neatly-filed nails started breaking one after the other, much to Kitty's chagrin... although he did pursuade me to let him even them out with a home manicure, which was kind of sweet. Hence, I'm looking down at a set of neatly-trimmed nails... with purple polish. I don't mind it in the sense it helps me stay in character as Judith, and it's not so shocking since I experimented - every now and again - with nail polish as Lauren (I was doing a lot of building for the drama dept, though, and working with your hands is not a good fit for polished nails.) And who could forget my embarrassing foray into pageantry...

Judith's job has me putting a fair amount of thought into my appearance. She works as an event planner for nonprofits - a part-time gig a few days a week so that she can spend days with the kid while she's out of school (the rest of the time I have to palm Dylan/Olivia off on Adrian's mother. Asked afterward how he felt about that, the kid replied, "She's real grandma-ish.") The ladies at the office already noticed on day one when I let Judith's appearance slide a bit for comfort's sake, so it's 6 AM wake-ups for hair and make-up for me, going forward. (And oh, the earrings... how they dangle and annoy me and get caught in my hair if I don't have it tied back. What's the point of those things? But I wear them to keep the holes from closing up...)

Even though I have some experience from that year, it's very different. A different face, skin tone, age. And I have to admit, I don't always like what I see in the mirror (to the degree that I could like it, you know?) Judith has this really mean-looking natural expression... thin lips, straight nose, thick serious eyebrows... and these piercing brown eyes. Maybe it's just the way I wear her face but she doesn't look friendly or nice in any of her pictures, either. It's what Lauren's friends used to call "resting bitch face."

Kitty has expressed a bit of envy about our positions. Adrian's job is in HR with a local bank. Even though it seems dull as dishwater I'd gladly switch places if that was possible, just to be the one wearing the pants. Besides, Kitty has never held any job for more than a few weeks as long as I've known her, but with this whole middle class setup the Walkers have I kind of need her pulling her weight. I'm hoping she finds a way to cope and step up as a provider.

I don't love this life. I still feel like the curse managed to really stick it to me this time around, but that's what I get I suppose. I've never had to do a job where you spend time sitting at a desk, I have mixed feelings about that, but we're gearing up to do this big 'do for a hospital, so it does also involve some mobility. Judy has a phone full of banquet halls, caterers, decorators... I've worked in hospitality, so that's at least adjacent to what I've done. Doesn't seem so hard. You just need to be organized and have good taste.

And dress like a smart, powerful, poised lady.

Which makes me yearn for the deskbound parts of the job because it's preferable to traipsing all over creation in heels. But oh well.


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