Friday, June 23, 2017

Simon/Joy: Making my move.

A lot has been going on recently so let me recap the last few months of my life quickly:

  • As a woman I have discovered the joys of being promiscuous.
  • I went out on several dates with a guy from work, Stretch. He was shy and never made a move on me, and I never made a move on him, and eventually he found out I was seeing other guys and called it off, trying to make me feel bad for being promiscuous.
  • I wouldn't say I had feelings for him, but I was having some fun.
Now, here's some stuff I didn't tell you.

  • There's also this guy at work named Teddy. He's a bit older, but he's in good shape, smart, funny, confident - all things I don't really think of Stretch as being. Everything you say to him reminds him of some awesome story of travel or someone cool he's known.
  • He's not obnoxious or crude. He pays me innocent compliments and then gives me a sly wink. He's kind of who I want to be.
  • He's never made any serious moves on me.
  • Sometimes when I'm talking to him I get a little bit tongue tied and speechless. That almost never happens to me, especially since being Joy and I've been able to wrap every man I've met around my finger.
It started innocently, even while I was still "seeing" Stretch. I would find myself craning my neck if I thought Teddy was walking by my desk. I would feel more enthusiastic about teaming with him on a sale than with the other guys. I felt the urge to sit near him at meetings, found my eyes glancing his way.

I was in denial for a while. It's Joy's body. It's not really me. I'm not really a chick and even if I like having a sex as a woman, that doesn't mean I have to... like guys that way.

One weekend, neither of us had anything to do so he challenged me to a game of pickup basketball. I'm pretty competitive even if as Joy my jumpshot is even worse than it was as Simon. He gave me one of those winks when I asked him to go easy on me, and it was like... fuck, there's a pool in my panties. We're both out here in athletic gear - I'm in basically a sports bra and spandex shorts for crying out loud - sweaty and full of endorphins and only a half step away from nudity.

I'm screwed. I want to be a guy again, I can't let anything get in my way and having "feelings" for a member of my same sex is definitely not on the menu. But I've been going through a dry spell these past few weeks ever since I realized my dudes were all just lazy and using me. But I've still got time for a summer fling, right? Maybe if we bang a little, it'll get out of my system.

I asked him if he wanted to go for a drink tonight. He said yes.

It's on.

Now... what to wear...

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