Saturday, July 07, 2007

Arthur: Weekend plans

It looks like I"m starting to get a little extra work from CalSports. Drew is trying to take credit for it, and I've got no doubt that he made sure I got the best terms I could, but there are probably three factors that loom larger than his "mad negotiatin' skillz" to explain why I'm not heading straight back west after the Dragons' latest loss, this time to Philadelphia.

  • It's cheaper to get me from Philly to Boston than to fly someone else cross-country, possibly passing me in the air.

  • So long as I look like Nell, I'm much more photogenic than Mike, and George has told me that they've been hoping to give Nell a larger role for a while.

  • And, of course, anyone with any seniority will be staying in SF to cover the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, while the inexperienced girl wit no clout gets to film a goofy "lacrosse player goes to Harvard" piece and get statements after the Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game.
    Whatever the reasons, I'm doing it, picking up an extra couple hundred bucks to spend a kind of damp weekend back in Boston. I'm a little disappointed that I missed the Fourth, as I've heard they make a really big deal of it in Boston (and probably Philadelphia, too, for that matter). They're going to be keeping me pretty busy, but that's probably a good thing. I don't see myself getting sentimental about my time living Liz's life, but I do admit to feeling an odd impulse to check in on her and Ray. I'm suppressing it, though - I don't want her to feel bad about me not being me, and what does Penelope Lincoln have to say to Raymond Kim?

    I'll try to take the time to see Lyn, although it would be just my luck if she's got a shift at Headlights when I'm free Saturday and Sunday nights. Of course, if she's willing to stay up late, I'm game - after all, there's no point in re-acclimating to Eastern Daylight Time for a three day trip. Heck, it's not quite midnight for me posting this right now.

    Well, there's the tendency of Boston to shut down well before midnight, but other than that...

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