Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jaci - Furniture Assembly 101

Sorry it has been so long since you all have heard from me. Life has been super hectic. As I'm sure you know by now thanks to Kat's runaway mouth I'm pregnant....with twins! So I've been scrambling to collect baby things and clothes. Man are kids expensive!

So today I invited Kat over for one of my home cooked meals. We made a plan dinner at noon and then to get things organized for the babies. So I cooked meatloaf and cheesy mashed potatoes, one of Trips favorite meals. Kat arrived late like usual but did i really expect anything else. We ate dinner and Kat only grumbled slightly about the lack of places to sit. I pointed out all of the things for the babies taking up space in the living room. That is when we decided to assemble the crib. Talk about an adventure. We assembled and disassembled the bed 3 times before we got it together right. Luckily no blood was drawn. Kat did make fun of me though because my new, "preppy mom" finger nails kept getting in my way, til she broke one of her own.


Kat said...

Thanks to my runaway mouth!?! You told me it was okay to post that info.

Of course I arrived late, there was a blizzard, and I had to plead with dad to get away. It didn't look like it was that bad out, so I guess I just didn't figure it would take me that long to get there. I guess next time, I'll have to leave earlier.

I shouldn't have to grumble next time I visit now, should I? :)

I swear, I will never laugh at your nails getting in the way again... mine weren't even that long and it frickin' hurts when you break them.

Thanks again for dinner.

Erin said...

Yeah when you first have long nails. It hurts like SO much when they break! LOL. Nice to see you out and about Kat, and congratulations I guess Jaci.

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