Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Greg/Priya: Accepting the inevitable, but still too soon.

So this blog is the only ''person" in the vicinity who I can talk to about this, but I need to write down my feelings about this. I dont have any cute little anecdotes or intros or background information, its just the facts.

Today, I received a text from amber. It said, and this is a direct quote. "Man last nite was great. You really start to miss sex after a month".

Dolores fucked my fiance.

She didnt go over any moral qaundries. She didnt feel uncomfortable in her new body. She didnt question her new sexual orientation. She just fucked Amber within 12 hours of meeting her.

I called Dolores right after I got the text, angry as all hell. I greeted her with somethign to the effect of "What the fuck did you do last night?". See seemed apologetic. Said Amber just came onto her and she couldnt fight the way she was feeling. Boy did that make me mad. I cursed her out before slamming the phone down.

Ive had the day to cool off, and while im still angry, I dont think im angry at Dolores any more as much as I am at the situation. I mean, I guess it was inevitable. All the other relationships I read about on here that got screwed up by the inn were unhealthy in the sex department (Liz and Ray, Anne Marie and Hal), but Amber and I were fine. Amber reacted just as I expected her to react after not seeing me for a month. She can be pretty agressive sometimes and I guess Dolores was dealing with a rush of new hormones so she found it hard to resist.

Besides, its not like i said "Dont fuck my fiance". I didnt bring up the subject at all. I suppose eventually she was gonna have to do it. NOT doing it for a year wouldve probably done more damage to my relationship than this. I guess im gonna have to live with it, but its kind of hard to when Amber is giving me updates and details.

Which brings me to another thing...why did Amber text me? It turns out, after calling New Jersey to verify, that Priya knows ALL about mine and Amber's sex life. Apparently they share every little intimate detail, which I found kind of embarassing, knowing that the girl on the other line knows that stuff about me. The worst part is now im gonna have to listen to Amber tell me all about it for the next year.

That wasnt the only awkward phone call I had today. Priya's mother called, asking why I didnt come to her party on Saturday. I quicky went through my little notebook of important dates and didnt see August 15th as anyone's birthday or anniversary, so I was clueless. Apparently, Friday was Independence Day. In India.

I dont know if Ive said it directly before, other than her name and refernce to skin color, but Priya (and I guess I am now) is Indian. Indian-American that is. She was born in Waukegan, whcih is a Suburb of Chicago but both her parents Immigrated in th 70s and her grandparents were alive in India back in the 40s under British rule. So apparently August 15th is a big deal in her family. And since it was a Saturday i had no ready excuse of work or anything as to why I blew off my entire family. This caused me to be guilted into an hour of small talk about relatives I dont know for an hour before I said it was time for me to eat and finally got her to hang up.

I cant wait till next week until all I have to deal with are 5 year olds.



Anonymous said...

So, I guess the question to ask since you now have access to inside information is were you any good? And depending on that how can you improve for when you get back?

Also, look out for the five year olds. Its not going to be a picnic.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the movie "Kindergarden Cop"? Anonymous #1 isn't kidding about those five year olds...