Sunday, August 16, 2009

Greg/Priya: Binders

So when I was in college, i briefly entertained the idea of being a teacher. I thought maybe it would be like the movies, and I could be fun and inspirational. But over the course of 4 years my cynicism caught up with me and I realized that I wasnt very inspirational and that I liked money. So I went into hospitatlity business instead. Now the inn has given me a chance to find out what its like to be a teacher, altho in my head I was never a kindergarten teacher.

I always thought that the 3 best things about being a teacher would be June, July and August, but the last one not so much. Instead of beig a month off, its 2 weeks of seminars and preperatory meetings for the upcoming school year. I started my first week monday.

This actually prove to be useful, because it gave me time to become familiar with Adlai Stevenson Elementary school, its layout, and the other teachers there. I dont remember most of their names but I do remember a few key faces. Ill have to make flashcards or something on Facebook.

It also gave me a crash course on how to teach, because we got these massive binders containing all the specifics of the Illinois State Board of Educations curriculum requirements and rules and regulations as well as guidelines for teaching methods. Most of the teachers didnt go through them in depth, because they dont change much from year to year, but ive spent most of the last week poring over it and calling Priya in New Jersey for guidance. Which is why i didnt post much despite the big Inn related news.

On Sunday the 9th, I received the inevitable phone call from myself. My number was in Priya's phone so when "Greg" flashed on the screen with my photo it was kinda weird. I answered and talked to my new self.

Apparently the new Greg was a girl...a woman that is. Dolores Henderson, a 45 year old recently divorced insurance adjuster from Mississippi. Which explains the bizzare southern accent I heard my voice using.

We talked for about 2 hours, I let her know all that we needed to know about being Greg. I Assured her it was just fine for him to use my credit cards to book a flight back home and that she didnt need to worry about it. She seemed comforted that the real me would be in the same city and a friend in real life.

Before we hung up, I told her to call Amber and let her know everthing was OK. Which im guessing she did because an hour later i got a text from her saying how happy and relieved she was that "Greg" was safe and able to talk to her again.

Her flight gets in tonite, and Amber is going to pick him up. She was really excited about it too. So Dolores is going to get the warm homecoming I had expected, and Im sitting here, having a date with my binders.

Ill keep ya posted


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