Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Greg/Priya: A different kind of BF

So Boston to Chicago is a short flight, and I landed at O'hare airport around 8pm. There to pick me up at the airport, was the love of my life. Amber. My girlfriend for 5 years and fiance for the last 2. She saw me and came up to me with a very awkward hug. It was awkward because I hugged her like I would always hug her; tight, sensual, with my arms around her waist. She hugged me back like she would hug Priya, around the neck and super tight. Needless to say the sighing and pressing together of the boobs elicted a 'whoa' and giggle from her.

She took me out to dinner and we talked about my trip. I had no problem talking to Amber like I was her best friend , because if anyone knows as much about her and how she thinks its me. Altho the subject matter was a bit different; clothes, her job, and if i met any cool guys in Maine.

It was hard though, because I couldnt be as affectionate. And she kept asking about why i was silent for two weeks. Or why greg was suddenly so silent, save for an email (which I sent). I bullshat my way through it but I think when new greg appears in a few days Im gonna have him call her.

Which brings me to my next big point. Ive read the blog, and apparently its not only possible to get your body back, but its become frequently more popular. So to the commenter that asked wehn Amber and I are getting married, its next July 17th, and Im gonna re register at the inn so as to avoid being the maid of honor.



Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why more people don't attempt to tell those close to them who they really are. I'm aware that there is an element of disbelief to the curse but there are at least one or two cases where it was overcome.

Sure there are difficulties involved in this but perhaps being subtle about it would be less upsetting and problematic for those involved. Such as directing them to this really interesting blog. They'll have to decide the reality for themselves but one can plant a seed and let it grow.

Anonymous said...

The only occasions where a non-victim has overcome the disbelief aspect of the inn's curse has been when there was a life-changing moment taking place (e.g. death of a close relative). These types of occasions don't come up very often.


One way or another, Greg, you're assured of being at the wedding. That's better than some of the other about-to-get-married inn victims have had it.

Todd said...

Take it from me. Meeting someone who's been changed by the inn is a weird experience, even when you've already been through yourself; maybe more so. Every time I meet someone who was at the inn a different time from me - Anne-Marie, Ellie, Donna, Darren, Ginessa, and now Crystal - part of me has wanted to believe they were the person they looked like, not the person they said they were. Not a small part, either.

Even now, looking over at Crystal, seeing Alia... it's really hard to come to grips with. My thinking is that with time and dedication, you can convince someone who has never been to the Inn, but you have to really want it, like Jessica. And based on this, I think somewhere down the road, Greg might be able to tell her, but it will take time.

The other part of my theory is that it's easier to understand the Inn if you only read about it. There's just something about being near someone who's changed that interferes with your sense of logic.

It's one of the hardest parts of the curse. It's what makes you feel trapped.

Anonymous said...

"There's just something about being near someone who's changed that interferes with your sense of logic."

Perhaps the disbelief aspect of the inn's curse is in some way "attached" to the victim of the inn. So, perhaps, the farther your physical distance from the person, the lesser the compulsion to disbelieve?

Still, back when Arthur (a.k.a. Lynn at the time) first asked readers who were inn victims to post their stories, he reported having mixed feelings about believing the stories of the first couple of responders. Whether that was the curse at work, or just natural skepticism, is hard to say.