Sunday, September 06, 2009

Greg/Priya: Ambushed

So the day after my last post was one month since I changed into Priya. (For those of you wondering, yes i did get my period. I just didnt feel the need to post about it. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be but Its not something I wann go into detail about). I dont wanna say that its the kind of thing Ill ever get fully used to, but with every day it gets a little less weird. I dont wake up in the morning and feel weird. It still different but its now expected. Worked has really helped things feel normal. Theres just something about a 9-3 schedule every day that takes your mind off of your foreign body.

My personal life has taken a dip tho, by my own intentions. I just didnt feel like I was ready to start convincing Priya's family and friends that I was her. The past couple weeks my evenings and weekends have been spent at home doing nothing. Which is more difficult than it sounds because TV is still in reruns and Priya doesnt own a video game console, but ive made do. Im still posting on all my internet message boards, because I still have the password to my accounts and no one reading them will know i occupy the body of a tiny Indian woman for the next year. Its actually kinda cool to interact with people as my original self, even tho it is online.

Message boards were actually part of the plan for today, as I was gonna sit around all day in a tshirt and boxer shorts (i dont wanna know who they originally belonged to) watching college football and posting about the games online. I went to the University of Chicago, which doesnt have a football team so I mostly root for Illinois. After theyre debacle agaisnt Missouri I was gonna order some Chinese food before the late game started when I got a phone call from Amber.

She said that she and "Greg" were having a few down at Erica's (a bar by our apartment) and that I should come on down. I thought for a moment and looked at myself, thinking I looked like a total slob, but I really miss Amber and spending time with her and having a few drinks would be just what I needed to get over the Illini's loss today.

After a long hot shower and picking out what I determined to be suitable bar wear (knit pants and a white blouse showing what little cleavage I have) I left my apartment and caught the L to the area where the bar was.

This of course being college football day, the bar was still packed. I searched around and finally saw Amber waving to me from a table. Sitting next to her was Dee and across from them some guy I didnt recognize.

I sat down greeted Amber and Dee and Amber introduced the other guy as Will, a pharmacist from her work. I smiled politely and will smiled a little TOO politely as we shook hands and I sat down. After I gave the waitress my drink order (whiskey and water, which elicited a strange face from Amber) I gave Amber a quizzical look and she gave me a somewhat devious one back. Its weird that even though Im not who I look like I can still communicate with my fiance without having to say a word. Finally I excused myself to go to the bathroom and Amber followed me in typical female fashion.

When we got in front of the mirror I looked at her and asked "What the heck is this?"

"Its a set up. Will's a great guy and you need to socialize more lately." she replied.

"I dont wanna be set up"i protested

"Nobody's saying you have to date him, just have a little fun tonite. Itll be fun, I promise"

We walked back to the table, myself resigned to be will's "date" for the night. Althogh he really isnt a bad guy. In fact he's actually a pretty good conversationalist. We talked a few hours and he bought all my drinks, which is an excellent side effect of being female even if they were appletinis becuase not being able to handle whiskey is one of lesser side effects of being female.

At around midnight, Amber said it was about time for them to get home (and she was kinda groping my old body in public, unintentionally letting me know that Dee was about to get lucky tonite) and she and Dee walked back to the apartment that I used to live in, leaving me and Will alone on the sidewalk.

At this point Will informed me that the Chicago Public Transportation system late at night was no place for a lady and that since he had stopped drinking at 10 he was sober enough to give me a ride home. I was gonna tell him off but he did have a point. So we got into his Mercedes (apparnetly pharmacy is a good business to be in) and drove to my apartment, where he walked me to my door.

I looked up at him and smiled, but I think we both knew that nothing was gonna happen that night and he didnt seem to bothered by it. I thanked him for a nice evening and he gave me a kiss on the hand, which Ill admit is actually a lot more fun on the receiving end.

I didnt give him my phone number. Hes a great guy and he and Priya might actually go together, but I cant be starting anything long term in this body because feelings will get hurt eventually. So im just sitting here in front of my computer, feeling a little buzzed still and reflecting how enjoyable life can be if you let it.

Thats all for now


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