Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tori: Woah hold on.

Here I am, complaining about boy troubles, and all of a sudden I get an e-mail.

It's from my old employer. Offering me a job.

Alex -- or whoever looks like him nowadays -- is leaving his job. And he's recommending me for his replacement.

I'm just... floored. I don't know what to think.

I would so love to go back there. Get out of my rut, get my life moving again. But I'm suspicious... whoever this person is, he's probably mixed up in the same stuff George/Alex was, and I dson't know if I can trust him. Can I just take this offer at face value? What does he know about me? What does he expect me to do?

Should I go talk to this person and find out if he's on the up and up? Could it possibly end well?

I'm suddenly very dizzy.


Anonymous said...

Go. Investigate. That's the only way you'll know...or at least get close to knowing.

Anonymous said...

I doubt there is anything funny with the job offer. It is probably on the level. I'd bet that whatever devious plot there is comes later. The job is just to get you in position for whatever happens next.