Friday, May 23, 2014

Tyler: Second chance

After a few rainy days of nothing but checking out local bookstores and other random events, I ran into Meghan again at "our" coffee shop. I was sitting outside, and she came over to me without any hesitation before I even saw her approach.

"Oh nice," I said, "You're not dodging me. That's a good sign."

"Of course not," she said real friendly, "No reason to let things get awkward."

"Good philosophy," I said. "So what's the plan for today?"

Her friends and her were heading down to the city to do some shopping, and she asked would I like to come along? I thought about all the fun stuff that would be going on in Old Orchard that day... and promptly said yes.

Meghan's friends seem like an odd couple. Depending on the time of day, they could be pawing at each other relentlessly or at each other's throats. According to Meg, they've been together for nearly a year and it's always been like this. Some people, I guess, just stick with what they've got. But I shouldn't judge. Anyway, being trapped in a rented Toyota listening to them bicker did not make the day any more enjoyable. Being able to share eyerolls with Meghan did.

I might as well tell you, anonymous blog readers, I'm pretty head-over-heels for this girl. She's making me glad I took this trip.

The day itself was kind of a snooze. The girls dragged us from store to store, looked for outfits, and tried things on while Erik gave honest feedback and I tried to find the exact right tone for my response so that it didn't seem like I was drooling over Meghan. I felt really young again, sweating over how to avoid making it seem like I like this girl too much.

Afterward, they had dinner plans with Erik's parents, which gave me an out, and Meghan told me she'd see me later. Halfway through the evening (and my personal dinner of a slice of pizza and a beer at the Inn) Meghan started texting me snippets of their boring conversation. "Oh God now they're talking about stocks." It started to rain and I told her I was thinking about just watching a movie or something. I hope she takes it as an invite.

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