Sunday, August 27, 2017

Brittany Cosgrove: This Place Seems a Little TOO Perfect

So this little motel has its own version of an online guestbook, that only adds to the little anachronisms that surround it. Since it doesn’t really have any on site employees this is as good a place as any to ask. I'm assuming all the other guests at some point log in with the username and password that comes in the welcome packet they give you.

My name is Brittany Cosgrove and I’m an independent filmmaker. Me and my director/writer Ethan are looking for a site to film our next project. We had been searching up in Quebec a bit to take advantage of some of the incentives they provide for filming, but on our way back to Maryland we stopped here to stay the night.

Setting a horror film in Maine seems a little cliche thanks to Stephen King, however every new thing about this Trading Post Inn makes it seem like an ideal setting. The creepy ferris wheel looming in the distance, the small town that get quiet when there aren’t tourists around, the way you have to check in at another hotel to get your keys, and now according to what I’ve skimmed from this blog something about a curse?

If anyone knows who owns it or who to contact to get filming permission I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m staying in Room 8 for a couple days while we scope out the rest of the town.

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