Monday, August 28, 2017

Brittany: Magic is Real! How is this not well known?!

Yes yes, I know. It’s part of the curse. Apparently that’s why I was literally staring at 10 years of history in this very blog explaining it but wasn’t able to avoid it. I’m sure everyone involved and reading this can guess that I’m in a new body.

Only...I think I might be reacting to this in the wrong way. Maybe it’s my love of stories where things like random transformations happen, because I know I should be scared or angry about what’s happened but I’m really more...fascinated.

The change happened while I was asleep, which bugs me because I would have loved to have been awake for it. My alarm was set for 7 AM and usually when it goes off I’m groggy and upset that I have to get up and kind of bitchy until I get my coffee. Today I woke up on my own before the alarm, feeling energetic and well rested. That wasn’t enough to tip me off that something was wrong, that came when I rolled over.

Normally I sleep naked and on my back, so when I roll over most of me goes first and then one of the girls trails and shifts down afterwards giving me a familiar jiggle. This morning I didn’t feel that jiggle, at least not on my upper body.

I’ve sometime wondered what having a penis was like. Not like an obsession but a passing curiosity. After less than 24 hours it’s still pretty novel. It’s simultaneously bizarre, hilarious, and omnipresent. And it might not be the most interesting thing about my new body.

Standing up off the bed my feet hit the floor way to soon. I’m like 6’2” now. Looking down at myself I let out a gasp, and not at the dick. I had a six pack for the first time in my life. I played soccer in high school and went to the gym but as a 28 year old woman I had my share of curves. Now I don't think I have an ounce of fat on me.

The short walk towards the mirror was awkward as my hips wouldn’t sway and my steps were way longer than they should be. When I got there my newly thin lips parted and my now brown eyes parted in shock.

Staring at me was a man...sort of. Super young, maybe 18 or even 17 with short brown hair, square jaw, and a muscle tone that could only come from being some sort of athlete. After few minutes of poking, prodding, and flexing I heard some yelling from the hallway and put on my now too short and too pink and fluffy bathrobe and went outside to quickly learn this had happened to all of the guests.

That made me immediately head to Ethan’s (unlocked) door, knock once and barge in. I woke him up and well...I’ll have to let him make his own post to explain what happened to him. It’s just too funny.

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