Thursday, August 10, 2017

Jonah/Krystle: Hot Mom?

I got hit on today.

I know, that's not entirely unusual; I'm not bad-looking and on what Karla and Momma Kamen call the right side of thirty, and it used to happen all the time when I was waiting tables at The Changeling, but once I got pregnant, it dropped way off.  When I moved in with my folks, it dropped even further, not just because I was really pregnant, but because I wasn't seeing many people.  There were friends who'd been to the Inn and knew it was uncomfortable even if they were inclined to, people at church, family, doctors, and that.  Once Little Moira was born, I want going out much, and even when I did, well, folks just assume that someone with a newborn baby is married or has someone, and even if she doesn't, who wants that drama?

I've been happy with this situation.  It's not like I plan to have sex with another guy before Krystle and I switch back next year, but guys who find you attractive don't always take no for an answer, and I have no intention of finding myself in this position again!  I guess I kind of figured it would go on indefinitely.  But, today, I was doing a little grocery shopping because I not only get stir-crazy sitting around the house all day but because I want to help, and I put on something with pretty deep cleavage - the girl gets hungry a lot and easy access to the milk saves a lot of crying and frustration, even if I do worry about people getting the wrong impression - without thinking to put something on over it. 

Moira was being cute rather than fussy, so I was having a bit of a one-sided conversation with her on what sort of applesauce we should get, and this guy, about thirty, decides to pull up and chime in, also making a comment about her Celtics t-shirt, and it's all cute and funny until he asks if I ever get out and do things on my own and I'm not quite sure how we got there.

I say no, not really, the last time I really did anything like that, I got this little maniac and a ton of trouble that I wasn't really eager to repeat, and apparently the main thing he took away from that was that the father wasn't in the picture.  He said someone as sexy as me really should have some time and someone to remind her that she was a woman as well as a mother, and I laughed a bit and said that really was not what I was looking for right now.  He asked if I was really sure about that, I said I was, and pushed the Cary away before he could give me his number "just in case I changed my mind."

I wasn't really shaken by this or anything, more like annoyed; I kind of figured from the way I'd been looked down on at church and how there are a while bunch of beautiful women out there who don't have kids, I'd be able to kind of not deal with that stuff until we switched back, but Krystle laughed at that, saying if kids really scared men away, Karla wouldn't have three of them.  Which, I guess, but I really don't need that.


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