Thursday, August 31, 2006

Arthur Milligan: Is it the whole world that's insane, or just this hotel?

What you see up there? Didn't just happen to Jeff. It's all of us.

I'm not sure whose screaming, exactly, work me up. There's about ten people in the inn, and I think about half us us let out a shriek when we realized what had happened to us. I don't think I did, but that's just because I was hurt. I heard the screaming, sat bolt upright in bed, and then jumped out to see what was wrong. But suddenly my pajama pants were too long, and I tripped. I tried to catch myself, but my arms weren't quite the right length either, so not only did I hurt my wrist, but I managed to face-plant myself on the floor. The impact hurt my chest, too, but I didn't realize quite why.

As soon as I pulled myself up by the dresser, of course, I could see in the mirror. I'd somehow turned into a girl, and she looked nothing like me - the real me, that is. She - I - whatever. The face in the mirror is asian, and kind of pretty, with short black hair and almond skin - just nothing like what I'm used to seeing there. It was just surreal, and I wasn't sure how to react until I heard another scream, much closer.

I cut through the shared bathroom to get to Jake's room, trying to hold my pants up. He had the door locked, but I guess what they say about adrenalin giving a person extra strength is true; I've lost six inches of height and who knows how much weight, but I was able to force the door open. When I did, I saw this topless redhead sitting up in Jake's bed, and my first thought was that Jake had done good last night. Then I remembered what happened to me, and I was suddenly like, oh, god... "Jake?"

The girl looked at me suspiciously, "who are you?"

"I'm Arthur. Something happened to me... to us, if you're who I think you are."

(S)he looked at me in shock, but she didn't scream the next thing (s)he said. "What did this?"

"I don't know, I, uh..." I realized I was staring at Jake's chest, because outward appearances aside, a nice pair of large breasts still appeals to a guy. I picked a shirt up off the floor and handed it to him. "Why don't you put this on; they're kind of distracting."

Jake did, not bothering to pull his longer red hair out from his t-shirt after. It was big for him, but it still pushed out and hung off the breasts. We didn't say anything for a second, so I held out my hand, saying to watch out, because the first step's a doozy. He put his foot on the floor carefully, wobbling a bit when he stood.

He was about to say something else when we heard another girl scream, and he looked at me (looking down), saying something about how it wasn't just us. I said I guess not, and figured we ought to go check it out. I picked his key off the dresser and handed it to him (I already had mine). We opened the door to find another girl there, fist raised. I twitched, but she said she was just about to knock. She also said that Drew was suggesting we all meet up in the common area, as soon as we took a minute to get dressed and calm down a little. I said okay, and so did Jake, and we went back to our rooms.

Dressing didn't help steady me much, though - my underwear feels loose around the waist, I've got to roll the cuffs of my pants up, and even though I don't have a rack like Jake and my shirts are too big, you can still see the curvature and spot my nipples pretty easy. The writing helps, though - it both makes it more real and gives me at least an illusion of cotnrol.

Now, to see if anybody else has any answers.


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