Thursday, August 24, 2006

Drew Dawson - Have I Told You The One About The ...


You just never know where life is going to take you.

Less than 24 hours ago I was sitting on a rooftop bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan ...


And now ...

I'm sitting here in a bed & breakfast/inn/far cry from something that offers the amenities of modern life of which I am particularly fond in Old Orchard Beach, Maine ...

Writing on a blog shared with people I've never met before,



Wanna know what kicks though?

I haven't had to pay for a single beer in the last two days !!!

One of my business partners picked up the tab last night,

And this writer dude for Maxim who is spearheading the blog thing here at this inn I'm staying offered me beers if I'd spew my thoughts about this Beer Fest taking place.

Not a bad deal, huh?

As I always say,

Life would be good if one could travel through it never having to pay for a beer !


I guess I'm supposed to tell you a bit about me, so here's the 42. My name's Drew Dawson. I'm 38 years old, divorced, and a partner in an oversized, self-indulgent law firm where I pretty much slack off as much as I can. Did you ever see the movie Office Space ? There's a lot of life lessons in that movie, kids !!!

I'm here in Maine at a Beer Fest on what can easily be called "a whim". One of my partners at the firm, Luke, was supposed to be here instead of me. We were out drinking last night (Life Rule No. 4 - Always drink on Wednesdays. Life Rule No. 5 - Always drink on Friday) and ran into a friend of his that was leaving today for some All-Inclusive resort for which he had an extra ticket. Apparently, earlier this week he had broken up with someone the two of them were sarcastically referring to as "The Bitch" and with whom he had originally planned on going to the All-Inclusive, but now that he was single again, he wanted Luke to join him for a week of "excessive drinking and ass chasing". Nice. Luke is on vacation this week and next anyway, so it was a workable, spontaneous idea, as long as he could ditch his own plans. He had had our office manager, that'd be Julie, arrange for his trip here ... a trip east to a Beer Fest. I'm not quite sure what possessed him to let Julie plan this for him, Luke and her never have seemed to hit if off, I can't imagine he'd trust her with something like this, but he did.

Anyways, the more we drank last night, the more the odds of me ending up in Maine today increased. I had blocked next week off already and didn't have anything going on today or tomorrow that had to be addressed, so Luke convinced me to take his place on this trip and he'd go on his Ass Chasing excursion with his buddy. Chicken shit ... he's so afraid of Julie finding out that he wasn't going to go on the trip she had arranged for him that as long as I report back to him some of the details of the Beer Fest so that he can pass the lie to Julie that he actually attended it, the airfare and lodging are on him.


So at 9:11 AM I puddled the 26 minute flight to O'Hare,

Then popped a seat from there to Portland, Maine.

It really is amazing to me how easily one can go from one part of the country to another.

One's view world can change so quickly ...


Whew !

That's about as deep and reflective as I'm going to get today,

Time for me to check things out around here.

Nice to meet ya'll,

And until next time ...

I'll save a beer for ya.

- Drew

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