Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mark Lange - Ok, this place is definitely odd.

What a night. It's going on 2 am, and here I am typing in this blog. But, for once I feel like I actually have something to say. Let's see. Where to start. A couple of the guys started a poker game in the common room tonight. It was fun, and you know, for strangers this isn't a bad bunch. I got a chance to get to know them. I guess I'll head to that Beer fest tomorrow. We figure we'll go as a group, and try to score some honeys.

Oh...Pizza in Maine sucks.

Anyway, it was after the game broke up that things got weird. I was hanging out swapping war stories when the door banged open and in walked this girl. She was soaked, and looking more than just a bit desperate. On top of that, she's from Peru, and her English isn't real good. Seems she's looking for someone named Gem. She said she was supposed to be back in New York by now.

Well, since I am still minus a roommate, and with no staff around, Jeff suggested she crash in my room. Now, I don't mind cute young ladies spending the night, but this is a bit ridiculous. And it gets worse. As soon as she hit the room, she started going on about "Ropa" and pointing at the closet. I may not be the brightest star in the sky, but I caught on that she meant these were Gem's clothes. It took me a long time to get her calmed down. I finally promised we'd go to the police in the morning. It is kinda scary. Who runs off without their clothes?

So, she's sleeping now, and I'm typing. I can't seem to relax. It's like...I dunno. Like I've got this itch all over. I can't seem to get comfortable. Everyone else has turned in, I think. Well, maybe not. I did hear some rustling downstairs a little bit ago. I really should try to get some sleep. I'm dead tired, and I can't seem to type worth a damn. Damn, this crawly feeling. Almost like my skin is moving around. What do you want to bet I've got some kind of rash. bed. I'll worry about all this in the am.

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