Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mark Lange- The things I'll do for a beer

Actually, that's not true, but I really didn't have a clue how to title this. Or what to write, or even where to start. Arthur...Art? I'll have to ask him....says just write what you're thinking. Don't try to cover every minute or every detail. Just put down what you experience. Like you were telling someone about your day. Ok...I suppose I can do that.

I guess, too, that I should say a little bit about me. I'm Mark. I'm your typical ex jock approaching middle age. Well, maybe not too typical. After all, how many people can say they actually were All American in college and made it to an NFL training camp? 2nd round pick for the Eagles in '95. My NFL career lasted less than two weeks, though. A handful of torn ligaments in my right knee, and it was bye bye to football for me. Haven't been back either. I get the itch this time every year, but I just can't get myself onto a field, even to coach kids.

Anyway....I had my signing bonus, such as it I wasn't real bad off. Bought a house and settled in to a real job up near State College working as a county rec supervisor. Yeah, I know. Mom said I should have had a real major, but I never figured on actually working.

What's all this have to do with being in Maine, at an old B&B with a bunch of guys I've never met, one of whom wants me to contribute to his magazine article? Not much, I guess, but I'm sorta stalling. When I finish all this background, I'll have to get to saying something meaningful.

Ok...I'll try.

Maine is very pretty this time of year. I always heard it was. The inn is beautiful. It'd be more beautiful if Shar....nope. Not gonna talk about her. She's gone, and I'm better off. Still, I was planning on a prettier roommate than what I've got. Who ever heard of putting someone else into your room when you booked for two but show up as one? I never have. But, I'm here, and I'll stay.

Side note...whomever it is I'm bunking with sure has a lot of luggage. I rode the new bike up, so didn't bring much. post I can tell a bit about the bike! That'll fill space. looks like there's enough luggage for three people in here, not just one. Cripes! I hope they aren't trying to cram 4 into a room with two double beds. If that's the case, I am leaving!

Okt-Augustfest starts tomorrow. Art, you owe me those beers!

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