Monday, August 28, 2006

Mark Lange - Checking out the territory.

I decided to do a little spin around town before settling into the room. Nice place. The drizzle kept crowds down at the beach. But I love the shore on rainy days. I remember going down to Wildwood, and the best boardwalk days were always the dreary weather ones. I have a feeling, though, that dreary is normal around here.

I swung south toward Kennebunkport. (did I spell that right? I'll have to look it up. I doubt it's in a spellchecker) Maybe 41 is there? Heh...If I'm really lucky Bubba will be visiting his "dad." No luck though. I didn't actually think I'd see anything. But I walked along Dock Square and did some window shopping. Then down Parson's way. What a romantic spot....damn.... Well, guess I'll have to find a young lady to show it to.

Stopped by the Wood Island Lighthouse on the way back. Another romantic spot. This being alone sucks.

Speaking of that, though, I must have missed my roomie. Guess I'll see him tonight when he gets in. Weirdest thing...when I went to unpack, I found clothes in the closet and a couple of drawers. Women's clothes. I don't know whether to put them away or not. I'm kinda shy to touch them. It's late, though. So I'll see what's up with the roommate, then find the manager in the morning. Assuming this place has one. I haven't seen them either.

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