Friday, May 04, 2007

Ashlyn--Friday doodle

So this afternoon I should have went out and looked for a job.

I'm the driven, hard working type, so is that what I did? No. I was kind of down and just couldn't handle being told "sorry, we have no openings..." one more time.

I have also learned that Maddie, my old boss, has gotten word to many of the restaurants in the area--warning them NOT to hire me. This blows my mind. Sure, I can kind of understand if we didn't get along and she not wanting me to work at her restaurant; but to make phone calls and send emails "warning" places I would be looking for work, feels like a vendetta. What did I ever do to this woman?

So instead of working today, I did something I haven't done in a long time. I grabbed a pencil and paper and doodled. For the fun of it I started to draw a picture of me and Art--but I started drawing Art in the form he is currently in: Liz. Then it hit me--very soon this won't be my friend anymore. So I erased Liz and started to draw Art back in his original form. But that felt wrong as well--in my mind this wasn't the person I had come to know and call my friend.

So I ripped up the Art part of the drawing and just drew myself. Sorry Art!

Happy Friday.



Anonymous said...

No Art for Art's sake?

Anonymous said...


Kiai, you made me giggle.