Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Trip - Maybe this place is cursed

Just great. I think that I can finally get Jadyn packing stuff up again, and my truck up and quits on me.

I thought maybe I'd get off lucky, and it's just the lift-pump. I wasted the entire morning trying to find a pump, and my lunch-hour replacing it... turns out I wasn't as lucky as I'd hoped. I've got to replace the injector pump. I'm not too happy about it either, that sucker is going to run me over $400... plus a $300 core-fee... and I've got to have it shipped in. Nobody in town, or nearby has one in-stock - and they want nearly $600, plus core. I went online and ordered the dang thing - man. As much as I hate dial-up, it sure beats paying a few hundred extra bucks.

I sure hope it's not going to rain tomorrow - changing the injector pump in the rain is NOT something that I look forward to.

I guess it could be worse though... I could have one of those newer diesels with all that electronic crap. Sure they're quiet, have more power, and don't smoke as much... but they're also a heck of a lot more expensive to fix than this old beast. Besides, she's got enough power for me, gets decent fuel-mileage, is cheap & easy to fix and maintain... and most of the time, is rock-solid reliable.

So, for now Jadyn's move is on-hold... my actual vacation-time gets shorter, and I'm stuck... in Maine... with cold, rainy weather, and a broken truck.

I wish I could get ahold of Kat, I see that her car is out in the parking lot... I sure would love to be able to borrow it until that pump gets in. Then I could go sight-seeing or something.

Maybe after Jadyn takes care of her errands, I can talk her into a going for a drive through the country... get her mind off the ex-boyfriend.

I've been to the Pacific Ocean a few times... but this is my first time on the East Coast. It'd probably be better if I wasn't out here during the rainy season or whatever... and if I wasn't here on a mission. Maybe this break-down is just what I needed - a forced break in my activities so I can relax and enjoy... or try to enjoy some of my vacation.

Oh well... I guess I'm going to log-off of this thing... maybe see if I can find another guest here and try to be sociable or something.

Oh... and another thing... four nights... I've slept here for FOUR NIGHTS, and woke up every morning after, unchanged... well, other than a bit less tired than the night before. If this place is "cursed", it's with bad luck, not some sci-fi soul-swapping rubbish.

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