Sunday, May 13, 2007

Trip - Bored enough to play along

I hope I can figure this thing out... This blogging thing is a bit new to me - Which is pretty sad for a guy who makes his living working with computers all day. Guess I just really never had the need for a blog.


I found a note, which appears to have been slid under the door, pointing me to this blog. The thing is huge! I hope they don't expect me to read the whole thing - I may be bored right now, but I'm not that bored!

I don't think I've ever seen anyone pour so much time and effort into something like this for some crazy social-experiment or game or joke or whatever it is. I keep waiting for someone to tell me I'm on Candid Camera or something. I can't wait until I see my cousin again, I'm gonna have to kill her for getting me involved in some game-show or something - she knows how much I hate being in the spotlight.

I will give her credit though. Saying that she's going to be out to sea and unreachable for a few weeks - that's a nice touch. I tried calling her, and sure enough, it goes right to voice-mail. Seems that her friend may be in on the gag too as Jadyn tells me she got a similar message from her little sister.

Still, I can't believe Jaci would do that to her sister at a time like this. Wait... I don't want to get to personal - I have no idea who out there is reading this, or what they intend to do with the information. I don't want to drag other people's personal lives into this crazy thing.

Hmmm... I guess what I've got should be okay - it's not like anyone will be able to figure out who I'm talking about with just that much... and I'm too lazy to go back and start again.

So... what can I tell you without getting too personal?

Okay... My name is... well, everyone calls me "Trip", so I guess you can too... I'm on vacation for the next couple weeks... I work in IT (that's "computer stuff" for the non-geeks)... I'm in my 30's... I'm fairly paranoid (like you couldn't tell, could ya')... I was born and raised, and still live somewhere in the Midwest... of the USA (I guess this thing could be global, huh)... I'm out here to help a neighbor and friend of my cousin's.

Damn, I can't think of anything else to tell you... and I'm still bored... and awake. I've got to get some sleep, Jadyn has a ton of sh... stuff that has to be packed. I thought I was a pack-rat. Sheesh!

Let's see... well, okay...

I'm going to apply some logic to this crazy game.

Okay... so if all this changing-into-someone-else stuff is true then all I have to do is look for a letter in Kat's stuff... well... okay, that could be faked... besides, she's my cousin - I'm not going to go looking through her personal things, I have too much respect for her.

Speaking of respect, Kat has too much respect for her body than to let anyone else toy with it, especially a guy - there's no way she would want anyone else to have her body.

If this place can transform people into the last person who stayed there - then you should be able to transform back... I see that they've already figured this out. So then there's no worry, I'd just re-rent the room and change back. I wonder why it wouldn't just do that on the next night.

Now for the most important aspect... why is this place such a secret if it has such great magical / mystical power?

I mean, can you imagine the money the owners of this place could make... The ability to more-or-less become someone else. Governments would kill for such power. Think of the espionage industry you could create with such a thing.

Okay... well now that I've proven... to myself, anyhow - that this place holds no magical power and that this whole blog is just a prank - I think I'll try to get some sleep.

Too bad though... it would have been interesting to have gotten a chance to be a girl for day or two. Though becoming Kat would be really, really weird. Maybe I'll sleep in the other bed tonight, just-in-case.

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