Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip - Helpless, but trying.

Finally, all packed and ready to head home.

Jadyn and I spent most of the weekend driving around trying to do some sight-seeing. I don't know if it was the most brilliant of ideas with the price of gas these days, but it sure was relaxing - Kept my mind off of the parts delays and whatnot. I just wish that the weather had been a bit more cooperative - overcast and/or raining doesn't exactly make for compelling views.

I could see even with the fun we were trying to have this weekend, the sadness and pain reflecting in her face. I wish I understood what she was going through right now... it's been so long since I've dated, much less had my heart broken (okay ripped-out and trampled upon, in her case). I feel for the girl, I really do - even if I don't completely understand what she's going through. I feel a bit helpless - I usually have some sage piece of wisdom to assist my friends out any quagmire they stumble (or jump head-first) into... but with Jadyn, right now, I just don't know what to say... how to help - I'm at a loss... and that pains me.

When I got back to the inn late Sunday night, the thought hit me that I just spent all weekend... in a car... with Jadyn, something that I'll be doing again in a few days. Hopefully neither of us will hate each other when we get back to Iowa - after having spent so much time together in such a small space. I mean, it's not like we don't get along - just, well... since she's nearly ten years younger than I, and since I am clueless to understand her suffering right now... we're just not on the same page in every aspect of life - but we're still neighbors... and friends.

Anyhow, while we were busy packing yesterday, I mentioned to Jadyn that since Kat & Jaci should be back in a few days that perhaps we should stay and wait for the girls to return - that way if either one or both of them were unsuccessful in finding a job, we could travel back together. I'm not sure she liked that idea at first - almost as if she wanted to just get away from anything to do with her ex-boyfriend, including memories, as fast as possible. In all honesty, I think I was hoping that we'd get some company (and that I'd get off the hook of trying to help cheer Jadyn up) for the trip back to Iowa.

Today, Jadyn seemed in better spirits. She told me that she thought that it would probably be smart to stay and make sure that the girls returned, were okay, and had a plan, before we left... The way the conversation went after that, I got the distinct impression that she was considering leaving some of her furniture and other things with Jaci - which would be perfectly fine with me (less weight to haul, equals less fuel needed to get home).

Tonight, I started to second-guess our decision to stay and wait for the girls. I saw Liz when I stepped out to grab a drink from the pop machine... and I got this eerie feeling that she and all her friends were up to something, with the smiles that they all had on their faces. Maybe it's just me being paranoid, which has been known to happen... or maybe it's just because I'm exhausted after the last couple days of packing.

Not much to do right now since Jadyn passed-out in the other bed, and I'm really too beat to be social right now. I guess I'll just log-off and relax for a while before I hit the sack. Good night.

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