Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Gary (Ravi); "Jordan has no idea how many lives she's screwing up!"

I can sort of understand where Jordan's coming from, doing what he's doing, but it's incredibly selfish.  Deirdre's parents stopped by work last night, in tears, wanting to know where their daughter was, and I couldn't very well tell them "a little farmhouse in Quebec", could I?  Well, I suppose I could, but then they might try and go see her, and me directing them toward a late-middle-aged couple is not going to do them any good.

And it probably won't do me any good, either.  I told them the only thing I could think of on short notice - that she and I had a fight at the end of the vacation and she worked off without telling me where she was going - and they both have me this look I really didn't like.

The original Gary and Deirdre aren't happy either.  I sent them an email with a heads-up Monday night, and while their first reaction was along the lines of it not really mattering - that no matter what sort of damage we do to their lives, they'll eventually come back and make things right.  At least, that's the first email; later comes one from Deirdre/Lise about how Gary's/Guillaume's old girlfriend was a complete psycho that it took three years to be completely rid of, so i had better not go restarting that clock!  I assured them that I was already engaged, even if they think a year is a long time.

At the very least, the original Deirdre is going to need a new job she gets back; when I showed up for work alone on Sunday, "Uncle Isaac" and "Uncle Isaiah" made a big show of saying she was fired, she wasn't that good a waitress anyway, but that at the same time I should have said that I was trying to convince her to stay (they constructed this whole narrative of what has happened between their nephew and his fiancee out of very few words on my part).  They say this, at least, but you can tell they're hurt.  I like them; they're like a lot of the old Jewish guys I would see back in New York and assume that they were sort of leaning into the stereotype, and maybe they are - they play it up even more when a gentile comes into the deli, and I kind of wonder if they've internalized it after all this time.

Or maybe, being thrown into this life, I'm just hypersensitive to everything about it.  I just know things would be running a lot smoother for everybody if there were a Deirdre here.


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