Thursday, July 03, 2014

Jordan Chang - Stupid little town

All week, Ravi has been getting on me to have fun.  Which doesn't sound too objectionable, but when people say that, what they really mean I'd to have fun in the way that they want to have fun, which in Ravi's case means finding a bit of sans and just sitting there.  I tried some of that this morning, and it's not nearly as conducive to finding excuses to go somewhere else as you think.  And then, once you finally do get a little bit relaxed, someone asks if you will please move because they're going to be having some sort of sandcastle contest.

Ravi, of course, is cool with it, but then, that's when the first rain of the day comes down.  I'll bet that wound up doing a number on the sand-sculpture thing.   That have is an excuse to walk around a bit and  that led us to the arcade.  It's part of the little amusement park they have by the beach, and not really that big, but it was an okay place to duck into.  Of course, everyone else thought the same thing when in stated raining, so it was hard to get to a machine.

And then when you do, it's like people resent it.  Like, I found a Mario Brothers one, and while Ravi went through his lives pretty quickly, I did okay.  It's actually a lot tougher in the arcade than it is at home, because you're standing and those big sticks cause your hands to cramp up way faster than a D-pad.  Some little kid seemed kind of impressed, but as soon as he says so, his bitch of a babysitter or older sister says something like "of course he is, that's probably all he does every night."

Ravi drags me out before I can say what I really want, which is along the lines of fuck you, what the hell are you doing that's so much more important?  Being a little teenage slut for your jock boyfriends who aren't ever going to amount to shit?  It's probably a good thing I didn't, because the place was filled with middle-aged losers who probably would have passed out and/or called the cops at the thought of their little angels hearing such language (!), like they don't hear it on TV and in games all the time.

It put me in a kind of spur mood for the rest of the day, and I sure as hell want going back to the beach to see all the sand things, because beaches are just full of jerks like that girl, whether they're other girls out guys flaunting how they can walk around in public with their shirts off without people pointing and laughing and probably thinking some racist shit on top of that.  Why couldn't Ravi and Kareena have booked themselves a vacation in a proper city if I was going to wind up using it?

And now Ravi's saying we should head out to the beach, because they do fireworks every Thursday and they'll probably be even bigger for the Fourth of July.  Like they wouldn't have even bigger fireworks at home.  No, I'll just stay in here with my takeout and setting if maybe all the other sheeple going to the beach will actually let me get a decent connection for World of Warcraft.


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Anonymous said...

Boy, if this stuff upsets you, just wait. Life is full of surprises!