Saturday, January 28, 2017

Simon/Joy: My body, my choices right?

I wasn't all that surprised that Treena didn't approve of my little sexual activites the other week. Maybe she thought that by gifting me my first vibrator (not that I have a second one yet) I wouldn't feel any need to try the real thing, and honestly I was surprised at how into it I was, but... like, all the sexual focus I used to put on women had to go somewhere and it turns out men do the trick in a pinch. I see things differently now. But I'm still thinking I can go back when I'm good and ready.

She seems to think I should be happy keeping to myself but I'm not like her, I'm social, I need to be around other people, need to be liked and fawned over, especially now that it's so easy to get attention. I get bored easily and you can't focus on work 100% of the time. I'm frickin' horny!

So I've gone home with three other guys since my first one. The results were mixed... there was a shocking amount of variety in their styles and abilities. One guy wanted to do it from behind but I was afraid he was gonna use that as an opportunity to put it in my @$$ so I didn't let him... so it's only actually been two guys. One didn't last long, the other went twice. Oh, and then I invited the neighbor's pool guy in for a drink one day this week when I was home between appointments, and we ended up screwing so it actually is four. He was probably the best.

Maybe I should be pickier but I'm still figuring out what I like. You could say I'm easy but I do try to make them work for it. That's why the number is so low. Except when I'm just too horny (thus, the pool guy. But he was very muscular, tan and confident, so he was "in my league.")

So yeah, Treena's response: she was basically trying to accuse me of being a slut without using that word, because supposedly she's all sex-positive. But when she sees a gal like me really taking advantage of her options, suddenly she disapproves. Not that I've never seen her have casual sex, in fact she's been with more guys than I have since I've gotten here... can you blame me for wanting to catch up?

Maybe she thinks I'm giving Joy a bad name, but the last time I checked, I'm the only "Joy" here anymore. The next one can clean up my mess, if need be, but I'm not hurting anyone. If she's got hang-ups, well, that's her problem.

Just having my fun. Honestly, these guys are just falling over themselves to get me to call back. Love it. Such a turn on.

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Anonymous said...

I'm happy you're exploring your cute, sexy feminine body, but be careful Joy. Condoms aren't 100% reliable and the men you've been with don't seem like the marrying type even if they impregnate you.