Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Simon/Joy: Quick and dirty

A few nights ago, I found my way down to a sports bar I've passed often on my way home from work. Usually I don't go out without the ladies in tow but they aren't really sports fans and I had the urge to bask in some testosterone. I went in and got a Bud... I should note at this time that I had a point to look hot. I was wearing my gold plunging neck top, which I find tantalizes and distracts from the fact that Joy didn't leave me much in the cleavage department. I had a short, tight skirt on, the kind that when you wear and sit it you need to keep your legs clamped tightly one over the other because you know the second you shift you're going to flash some panty. My hair was tussled and my make up was... not overdone I think, just a little eyeliner and lipstick, plus some contouring on my cheeks, just the extent of my "sexy" skills gleaned from the odd Vogue.

The place was packed for the playoff game, Steelers-KC. I found a couple of guys watching, both tall (well, taller than me) ex-frat looking guys. I ordered a plate of wings and approached. In my most adorable lost kitten voice I said, "Excuse me, sorry to bug you but... I ordered these for my friends, but they didn't show up and I don't really like them. Would you be interested...?"

Of course they were, and not just in the wings. They practically begged me to stay. I acted like I didn't really know anything about football and they practically fought each other to explain it to me, to seem more impressive. What a couple of jokers. They bought my next two or three beers and, aside from falling for my "idiot" routine, were decent company.

By the end of the night I was drunk and happy (to say the least) and I told one that if the Chiefs won he could get my number. He was getting really familiar, brushing his hands all down my arm while we talked over the noise, he was telling me about his BS job or whatever, I wasn't really listening. Of course the Steelers won, although it was close and I was just relieved the Chiefs choked. I told him, "Sorry KC, no number for you..."

He started going aw, you can't just tease a guy like that, and I laughed and said obviously I just did... but I was still here, so for the time being he didn't need a number to talk to me, so if he had an offer I was all ears.

He took me out front and showed me his ride, a 2016 Porsche. I laughed and said, as if I've never ridden in a Porsche before, and besides he's been drinking all might so it's not likely I was gonna get in that car with him.

But hey, I said, my house is just a short walk away, but it's scary for a defenseless little woman like me to go alone.

Once we got in we were all over each other... I mean, he was all over me, and I didn't have to do much but I didn't fight him off much. This was the point of the night, just to keep going further and see how far I could get.

Turns out... pretty damn far! We nuded up in a hurry. I love the look he gave me when he peeled off my panties and saw my fresh, clean shaven pussy. He shoved his fingers in, a bit roughly, to warm me up. It was a little weird actually because suddenly I was like... not in control. At all. For the first time ever. And that's actually pretty exciting once it stops being alarming.

I must have looked pretty impressed by what he was packing because he grinned and gave me this nod like, "Yeah, I get that a lot." I dunno if it actually was big, because I'm smaller now than I used to be... I can't exactly compare based on my hand size... but I gave it a firm tug just for reference and helped roll a condom onto it as part of what little foreplay we did, and it was similar to Joey's. Thick and veiny.

Why did I want this? I stopped asking myself and just chalked it up to Joy's body sending signals to my brain, ones that have been impossible to ignore lately. It doesn't make me gay if I've got a pussy that craves being touched and played with. More and more lately I've been fantasizing about trying it with somebody, because going this long without getting laid, when you know any man on earth would walk into traffic to get with you is just a crime. Why deny myself? What am I saving myself for? No shame in this game.

He had an okay body or whatever I guess... maybe he hits the gym a bit... I think he might even shave his body hair off because dude was smooth. I can't even really describe his face. I still can't put my finger on calling a man "sexy." Like this wasn't even the "I can admit Ryan Reynolds is sexy" kind of situation. Maybe he was ugly, I don't even know. I was drunk and he seemed ok.

So all I had to do was lay back and spread my thin little legs and let him in... and since I was drink and horny as hell my area was wet and warm and welcoming to him.

The feeling was... I mean, I knew part of what to expect from "Mariah" but it was different. It felt good slipping into me, and then it was like... "This part of me that was empty is filled in." It was further inside of me than I've ever let anything go before, and it has a mind of its own... or, at least the person attached to the cock does.

I thought it would hurt but it didn't. I thought I would feel more of it but there's only a few points of contact. But the good news is they're all VERY intense points, and it feels just GREAT to be touched there. I feel like I let him down in the tits department... he was grabbing at my chest, but when I'm on my back they totally cease to exist. My nips were nice and pointy though. Besides that he didn't do anything extra, basically just pumping into me while I was on my back, but in all the excitement of doing it for the first time, I came pretty quickly, so that was awesome. Because of that it felt much more satisfying overall than the time it takes to get myself there. It was also kinda neat to feel him come while inside me... thankfully contained by the rubber.

The awkward part was cuddling afterward. He wrapped his arm around me and I was like... can I get you to excuse yourself? I'm not into it and that's making it weird. But he smelled pretty nice. God being attracted to men is weird.

Still, that's one less thing to wonder about. He went back to the bar around 3 AM to get his car and forgot I hadn't bothered to give him my number. He gave me his card if I ever wanna go again. But I could just as easily throw myself at some other guy if I need to.


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Anonymous said...

You are now a woman, Joy. Enjoy the 'joy' of that.