Monday, June 29, 2009

Brandon: Success and how I did it.

For those of you who have wondered and speculated about my whearabouts, I'm here to tell you that I am back. I am once again Brandon Chase. My beautiful male body has returned in the exact same condition it was when i left. This all happened back in May and Im sorry I didnt tell you all about it sooner. Its just that I was so ready to leave the whole experience behind me and move on, plus i wasnt proud of how the manner in which i got it back. But i figured with Todd in Maine as we speak he could use a few words of reassurance.

February through May as Laura, I didnt post at all. Its not like I didnt do anything, I just didnt feel that I did anything that needed to be posted. Knowing my body was only mine temporary, I decided not to rock the boat too much, so no lesbian jam sessions for me. I DID have sex a few times, just to see what it was like. Nothing serious, just a few one nite stands with random bar guys. I told Laura everytime and was OK with it. It was educational and new, but not really mindblowing.

I had scheduled all of my personal days and vacation to coincide with the opening week of The Inn, and after saying goodbye to all my friends and coworkers (which they thougth very odd, since i was only going to be gone a month) I caught my plane to the Northeast.

Arriving at the Inn was both reassuring and creepy. I understood how it worked, but the idea that this place operated with a strange curse and supernatural energy still freaked me out.

I checked in at the front desk and got my key. Room 10. For those of you who remember the "cliffhanger" ending from my last post, my body is "in" room 8, or at least my luggage and the magic which will change whomever into me.

I went into room 10 and dropped off my Laura Luggage and immediately went to the closet. Invariably inside I found another set of luggage with a letter on top. No longer a slave to the Inn's magic, I read it. It was from Eliza Little, a 36 year old single librarian who had turned into somebody's husband. Im assuming that since Eliza hadnt re rented her room, she either didnt know how to get her body back or she didnt want it. If I couldnt execute my plan, I was looking at a year of Eliza. At least.

After dropping my stuff off in my room, I started looking around at the other guests. Opening Day at the Inn is a very busy day, and all the guests arrive early. Meaning I didnt have a several day wait like Todd and Bryan do, the Inn was at capacity and the change was happening that night.

I stood in the hallway and people watched for a few minutes, using my cell phone to look busy. After about an hour or so, a man emerged from room 8. A middle aged, chubby, balding man with glasses. The man, who, unless i managed my trick, would become Brandon around 2am tonite.

Im not proud of the following events, but I did them because I had to. I basically stalked this guy. Followed him around the beach, the restaurant, the town, and finally that evening to a bar.

Thats where I made my move. I sat down next to him and chatted him up. His name was Jack Stevens and he was from Chicago. He was recently divorced and was looking to find a distraction. I was going to provide just that distraction. I started buying him drinks. Strong drinks. I had lost some weight in the last year or so, but I was still a bit of a chubby girl. I didnt want to risk being rejected for that reason. And flirting with him like crazy. Finally, around midnight, I asked him if he wanted to come back to my hotel with me. He agreed and got that face that he was just about to get lucky. If only I couldve told him just how unlucky he was about to be.

We entered room 10 and started making out on the bed. A few minutes later we were both naked and I asked him if he wanted to get a little kinky. After he asked me what I meant I went to my purse and got out a pair of fuzzy handcuffs I had bought in a sex shop in Portland.

"For you?" he asked"

For YOU" i said firmly.

He seemed to be into it and I cuffed him to the bed. I then proceeded to...rock his world. Between the alcohol and the sex, Jack was out like a light. Still cuffed to the bed.

I reached into his pants and took out the key to room 8. I put on my bathrobe and walked down the hall to the room where my old body's luggage was housed. It was 1:30.

I hadnt experienced the change the previous time, at least not awake. So i decided to stay up for it. After all, its something you dont get to see often. I got naked and stood in front of the mirror in the room. At around 2am I felt the tingling. The skin crawling feeling described by Jeff and Art as they changed into Jessica and Penny, respectively. The first thing I noticed was the body hair. My legs, arms, and chest were covered in it pretty soon, which made me look like werewolf Laura. The hair on my head didnt fall out, it changed color and retracted, which was very weird. I remember being very sweaty as my body fat (breasts included) melted off and I stretched. My arms and legs were at first very skinny before my original muscle tone was added. The two weirdest parts were what happened to my face and what happened between my legs. My face cracked and reshaped itself into the one i had been born with, I actually saw my eye color change. My genitals were the last to change. I felt a pain in my pelvis as things shifted, my vagina sealed up and my clit grew larger in a short amount of time. After a minute, I had testicles again, and Im assuming ovaries no more.

After that ordeal, I saw my old body in the mirror. I felt myself up to make sure everything was still there. It was familiar but foreign. I heard the screams in the night and decided to go check on Jack. I got dressed in my old Brandon clothes and headed down to room 10.

Inside I saw a skinny brunette chained to the bed screaming her lungs out. "Help! She did this to me! Someone help me!"

"Calm down Jack, everything is going to be fine" I said

"How do you know my name? Who are you? What happened to me?" he said in terror.

"Im Brandon" I said "But for the last few months until tonite I went by Laura"

As he was frozen in shock, I explained it. The Inn. The curse. Why he looked the way he did now.I helped him the next day, but left that evening. I had everything I need. I feel bad for basically turning Jack into Eliza, but he was going to wind up in a strange body anyway, why should I have to? Besides, hell be able to get it back, i managed to.

So thats it. Im back in Arizona, looking for a job. My family all thinks I vacationed in Europe, but in retrospect I spent it in a place a lot more foreign. A woman's body. Ill admit I miss things about Laura's life every now and then, but that wasnt my life to live (Laura phoned me 3 weeks later to tell me she was back to normal too). I dunno if ill post here again. Ill keep an eye on it, its very informative and curious. Ill even offer support every now and then.

So long and good luck


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Todd/AM said...

Congratulations. I hope to join you back on the other side very soon...