Monday, June 29, 2009

Cliff: Solitaire

So I've been kicking around this inn for a few days when I notice this flier under my door. Online guestbook project, huh? Well whatever. I'm bored enough.

The flier asks me to drop by and say who I am, where I'm from, what brings me to the inn. Well I'm not that interesting I guess. My name's Cliff. Actually it's John Henry Clifford, but there's so many Johns in the world, I usually go by Cliff. I'm from Buffalo. I work in IT. Awesome, right? Moving on.

I'm here because Justin and I booked the trip to Maine when we thought there was gonna be parties and stuff. I know it's not typically thought of as a party place, but you know, beach, ladies, toss a little booze in the mix and see what happens right? You go to a place like New York or Miami or wherever and it's crowded 'cause every jerk thinks he's a playa, but there's girls everywhere man. I thought Maine might be a little underrated.

Well, we booked the trip, then Justin met Randi. Actually, we both met Randi. Actually, I met her first, but it was the same week, and even though I thought there might be some connection with her and me... he won out. And good for him 'cause they're great together. So he brought Randi up for the week, to stay at the hotel we booked, and I wound up at the Trading Post Inn. There is not even a bar on the premises and it's pissing rain 24/7 all week. Ya. And every time I go out with Justin and Randi I feel like Mr. Third Wheel. So it's either go with them and feel awkward or sit here and feel bored. Wish I had a deck of cards.

There's not a lot of talent around here. I don't wanna be a jerk or anything but there's a bunch of couples, and a mom and her teenage girl. And then the other day this chick comes to the room next door. I think I might have a shot with her, but I've gotta play it cool. Beyond that I don't have much of an opinion of the place.

So the plan right now is to get home in time for 4th of July. I thought it might be nice to stick around for the fireworks here, but the reservation's up at the end of this week. Ah well. No place like home right?

(He said with a sigh.)

Nah, just kiddin.

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